Body Talk: Language of the Chakras

The human body has a communication system that raises consciousness about what has happened (past), what is happening (present), or what is going to happen (future) on physical, psychic and soul levels. In humans, chakras form a bridge between the mundane (material) and the Divine (spiritual) in both the body and the universe. The condition and health of the chakras, how clear and balanced they are, determine our ability to give material form to our thoughts and desires, the process also referred to as manifesting. Chakras may be considered the "voice" of the body, mind and soul, as they communicate to meet mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. Each chakra speaks to us in a different way to try and tell us what we need to know to be balanced, healthy and whole. 

Last week I cut my hand while washing dishes. My physical body reacted by stinging and bleeding, sending a root chakra survival message to stop the bleeding and address the pain. The throat chakra chimed in with verbal expression as I hissed and cursed for a few seconds. Intuitively (3rd eye chakra), I reached for a fresh leaf from the aloe vera plant in the bay window to speed the healing process. Spirit speaks to me through music, a third chakra expression, so I could not ignore India Arie's song, Slow Down, playing on my iPad at the time ("thinking the faster that I go, the faster that I will reach my goal. The race is not given to the swift, but the one that endureth..."). It was a combined effort from my crown and throat chakras, alerting me to the need to slow down and pay attention to what I'm doing. Later, while meditating and doing a Reiki self-treatment, Source summed it all up for me by sending a message from my soul through the seventh chakra: "You cut your finger to call attention to your need to slow down, pay attention to what you're doing, and take care of yourself because something is about to happen that will require a great deal of your focus and energy." Three days later, my BFF's father had a massive heart attack and, after seven days in a coma, made his final transition. Because I heeded the signs, I was well rested, clear in my thinking, and able to be physically and mentally present for the family in their time of need. It's all connected.

Physical, psychic and intuitive communication is just one important function of the chakras. They also record and store records of past, present and future events that affect us in the now, and they regulate body functions. These are the reasons it is important to practice good energy hygiene by regularly clearing and balancing the chakras. This can be done through meditation, intentional spiritual work or energy healing with a qualified practitioner. Learn about ways to clear and balance your own chakras with Ancestral Alchemy Chakra Healing Elixirs. The clearer your chakras, the more easily you'll understand what's happening in and around you and the healthier life choices you'll make.