Front and Back Reiki and Chakra Balancing

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We are 3-dimensional beings, with 3-dimensional physical and energy bodies. Most general information about the energy body, meridians and chakras concentrates on the front energy body. However, just like the physical body, the front and back sides of the energy body are distinctly different and offer unique healing experiences. This is especially true of the chakra system.

The seven main chakras are shaped like cones that reach outward from the front, back, top and bottom of the body, attaching at the spine. Front-side chakras manage events and experiences that occur in this lifetime or incarnation.The front-side chakras are governed by the laws of the physical universe and they control our daily realities. Within the front-side chakras lies everything connected to this lifetime. They track and process our feelings, beliefs, needs, choices, actions and experiences from this existence. Through the front-side chakras we can heal from events that occurred in this lifetime by "doing" something. (more...)

At Wellness Uprising, we use Reiki in every session to address both front and back energy centers, as Reiki energy is intuitive and goes where it is most needed. Intensive front-side chakra and energy worktakes place in Reiki and Chakra Balancing sessions. Chakra Aromatherapy supports back and front energy centers with Reiki and essential oils. Our premium Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy is an concentrated and comprehensive session that supports physical and emotional health and healing of front, and back energy centers. Healer's Heaven is our gold standard service, providing physical support, front and back chakra cleansing balancing and strengthening, and toxic release. Click on the name of each service to learn more and to schedule a session. Click here if you need help deciding which service offers the support you need right now.