Go get your healing

Earlier this week a family member made it to the hospital minutes before the occurrence of "v-tach," also referred to as the "death beat." Spirit screamed in the ear of everyone in the family to urge this person to get IMMEDIATE attention. After a great deal of resistance and fear-based procrastination, they complied. What was the holdup? Shortness of breath, paleness, weakness, irregular heartbeat --- all the signs were evident. Too often we wait when we should act, ignoring all the signs that something is desperately wrong. We know when something demands and deserves our attention, yet we focus on other people, less important things and frivolous pursuits. We make excuses like, "I'm waiting until I'm on vacation...'til the first of the year ... 'til ???" STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND GO GET YOUR HEALING (whatever it may be)!!!