Tarot talk: Numerical meanings 1-3

As explained in my October 16, 2014 entry entitled "Tarot and Numerology," each Minor Arcana or Pip card has a numerical association. In this entry, I've written about the numerical meanings of Aces (1's), Twos (2's) and Threes (3's). 

Aces: In Tarot, Aces (1's) vibrate at the frequency of opportunity, fresh starts, ideas or thoughts that have yet to materialize, possibility, inspiration, aspiration and motivation. If a reading has many 1's, it is an indication of events or situations that are about to start or that are just beginning to develop.

Twos (2's): Twos resonate with an energy symbolic of balance (like the two ends of a scale), choosing one direction or scenario over another, sharing, duality, insight, genial inducement, agreement, partnership, diplomacy, reconciliation, reunion and assimilation. If there are a lot of 2's in a reading it suggests a period of time when things may be in a holding pattern and only partially revealed. 

Threes (3's): Threes speak to the achievement of abundance, communication, friendships, growth, creativity and expression. The appearance of many 3's in a reading may point to situations involving 3 or more people or a setback or lag in progress with the promise of success in the future.

As you can see, there is a logical sequence of events as numbers progress. In the construction of a successful project, Aces speak to new ideas, thoughts and potential, 2's bring in the energy of choosing one path over another to determine how you will reach the goal and 3's are like pouring the concrete and preparing the ground upon which the foundation will be erected.

In my next Tarot Talk entry, I will discuss the meanings of 1's, 2's and 3's in each of the four Suits (Pentacles, wands, Cups and Swords).

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