The power of no words: talk fasting

Energetically, summer solstice is the perfect energy for bringing what we want from the ether into the material world. But before we create, we must learn to listen with an open heart in order to make room for Spirit to take up residence in the soul and mind.

Dialog between Divine and humans is incessant. If you're not hearing what Spirit is saying to you, it may be time for a talk fast. That's right --- stop talking to tune in to the hum of the Universe. Every waking moment we are either processing the noise around us or creating responsive and reactionary noises of our own. We are sometimes better able to participate in the cosmic conversation with Source while sleeping. Messages leak through in dreams and impressions. Unfortunately, the messages may be lost again when we awaken from the dream and resume conscious living. But when we combine consciousness with silence, we are inviting divinity to speak to us directly and purposefully.

Abstinence from talking is an opportunity for us to transform our lives into vehicles for purposeful change. Listen to what others are really saying to you. Listen to the sounds of nature and life that surround you everyday. Listen to the true beauty and messages in moving and touching music. Listen to God.

There are many wonderful reasons to go on a talk fast:

  • reconnect with your inner voice
  • emotional purging of jealousy, fear, anger, grief and other negative feelings
  • enhance peace and serenity
  • receive answers to questions about your life
  • observe yourself and others doing what you naturally do
  • get spiritually grounded and centered
  • create a lasting habit of pausing and thinking before speaking
  • discover the good in EVERYTHING you are experiencing in your life

Set aside time to plug into this powerful source of insight into the unseen in your world. 

Choose 1 to 4 hours everyday for a week to refrain from speaking. Maintaining a schedule of silence will be like setting an appointment for a conversation with your higher self or God. After a day or two your connection to higher consciousness will occur more quickly and last longer.

The benefits of a talk fast are amplified by healthy eating. Plan to avoid toxins like caffeine, processed foods, sugar, dairy and meats while on your talk fast. The less your mind and body have to focus on digestion, the more energy it has to focus inward and receive clear messages from your higher self.

"Trees are the earth's endless efforts to speak to the listening heaven." ~ Rabindranath Tagore. Spend time around trees and in nature. In religious writings, trees are often viewed as symbols and manifestations of divine knowledge. They possess a grounding energy and ancient wisdom. Trees nurture and nourish mankind in many ways. The beautiful connection between humans and trees is exemplified in Shel Silverstein's timeless children's classic, The Giving Tree.

Drink plenty of calming tea. Chamomile, valerian and lavender teas are excellent for calming the nerves and helping to quiet the spirit. You will find it much easier to quiet the chatter in your mind and bring you into the present.

Journal to bring consciousness to changes in your life as you practice and honor sacred silence. Be conscious of how you choose your words when you do speak to others. Observe how others react to you and how you handle disappointment, pain and negativity throughout your week of talk fasting.

Happy healing.