Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is a simple, affordable, readily accessible therapy for complex mental and physical health concerns. It is easily taught for self-treatment or can be administered by a Practitioner. It's an effective complementary therapy to recovery and addiction, depression, bi-polarism and other health challenges. It is non-invasive and can work positively with any medical treatments you're receiving from a physician.

Reiki for addiction: Being enslaved to life-threatening substances and behaviors is more rampant than most are willing to admit. Shopping, gambling, lying, sex, drugs, alcohol and  food are but a few addictions wreaking havoc in the lives of millions of Americans. Reiki opens the door for recipients to self-heal with clarity of thought and choices made from a position of authentic empowerment.

Reiki for loss and a broken heart: Loss occurs on many different levels. Whether we've been displaced from our home, ended a love relationship, lost a job or severed a friendship, broken-heartedness can prove a fierce obstacle to recovery. Reiki removes energy that binds us to people and things that are no longer useful or good for us. It helps clear out the old to make room for fresh and loving energy to move in, thus, creating a life we deserve and desire.

Reiki and emotional healing: PTSD, suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety are a few symptoms of trauma. Survivors of rape and incest, veterans and others who are coping with deep emotional imprints caused by tragic events can be taught to self-heal using Reiki, making it avaiilable to them whenever they feel symptoms of their mental condition building from within. Reiki's gentle relaxation and mind clearing benefits can see someone through a crisis long enough for them to reach out for the help they need before causing harm to themselves or others.

Remote Reiki: Get Reiki from any practitioner in the world. Just as all living beings are connected, so is the vital energy that surrounds each individual. Like prayer, healing energy can be sent from anywhere to anywhere. Call today if you'd like to discuss how a remote Reiki session may help you.

Reiki therapy can be helpful when ...

  • you or a loved one needs spiritual, energetic, emotional or physical healing;
  • you or someone you know is struggling to break free of negative behaviors and addiction;
  • you have lost your compass and wish to be realigned with all that is good, right and in your highest and greatest interest;
  • you just want to feel and be your best self!