Unfinished business

"Two things rob people of their peace of mind: work not finished and work not yet begun."

Everything is energy and energy is everything. Each time we make a request in deed, thought or spoken word, an energy portal opens, granting access to the outcome we desire. This is the universe saying, "it is done." These portals beckon us to step into alignment with the  energy of what has been asked. By heeding the call, we actualize the things for which we've prayed. However, if we ignore or lose interest in the fulfillment of the request by trying to move on in pursuit of new goals and projects, the pull of the unfinished business becomes an obstacle. 

Over time, each abandoned prayer tethers you to an energy that is waiting for your attention and action. It has been harvested in your name and waits for release, which is triggered when you come into alignment with the flow. If you habitually leave things unfinished, you will find yourself pulled in many thousands of different directions; every article of unworn clothing, each unused item and unread book, your incomplete goals and abandoned hopes and dreams. The constant fight against the flow is exhausting; it drains energy needed to move life forward. Eventually, the pull is so great that we become stuck --- unable to muster enough life force to address simple, day-to-day issues. Creativity is blocked and blessings are slow-coming as they fight their way through the tangled web of stagnant energy. There are only two ways to release this energy so it may return to the universal flow and be used for good; (1) complete the work that will bring you into alignment with the flow, or (2) consciously withdraw your request by announcing and accepting that you release any and all attachments to the person, place or thing 

There are many release rituals that you can use. Take a moment to search for one that resonates with you. Watch for Wellness Uprising release ritual workshops. In the meantime, take determined steps to finish your unfinished business.