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Reiki I Class

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Do you have high blood pressure, headaches, depression, PTSD, stress or anxiety? Are your children or grandchildren colicky, hyperactive, ADD/ADHD diagnosed, autistic, stressed or angry? Are you caring for an elder or spouse with intense fear, dementia, Alzheimer's, diabetes or other chronic health conditions? Reiki can help.

Reiki is a method of energy healing that can be used on ones self or on others to promote whole body healing. It is safe for men, women, children and infants. It involves helping to create a state of energetic balance, which releases stress, relieves pain and encourages self-healing for both the practitioner and the subject. This is done by offering an extra measure of life force energy to the person in need. It can be given silently with noticeable results.

This introductory class will teach you how to use Reiki on yourself and to help those close to you for soul-level self-healing, using life force energy that is available to everyone.