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Beauty & Balance: an afternoon of self-care

Beauty & Balance is an afternoon with two of L.A.'s gifted and committed healing professionals, Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari and Lilia Shvarts. 

Summer is here and you've survived the June Mercury retrograde period. Now it's time to restore balance and beauty to mind and body, and this is just the place!

  • FACIAL PEEL - $35: Lilia's facial skin peel will slough off dead skin, leaving a fresh, youthful glow. You'll look younger and feel naturally beautiful enough to skip the make-up.
  • CHAKRA BALANCING - $25: Rhonda has a reputation for gently and lovingly clearing away negative and unwanted energy, bringing the chakras into balance and restoring positive energy flow. You'll feel lighter, think more clearly and welcome more light, happiness and success into your soul.
  • BOTH SERVICES - $50: If you've never combined energy work and beauty treatments, YOU MUST GIVE THIS A TRY. Chakra balancing brings mind, body and spirit into alignment, thus setting the stage for the physical body to better accommodate and facilitate self-healing. Receive both services in honor of your whole self and see the amazing results that occur when mind, body and spirit work together for your greatest benefit.

Call Rhonda to schedule chakra balancing: (323) 639-3674 or call  Lilia to schedule facial peel: (818) 512-6027. Speak with either to schedule both services.

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