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Chakra Sunday

Chakra Sunday @ Wellness Uprising
Sunday, March 13. 2016
8731 La Tijera Boulevard
Westchester - La Tijera Medical Building
Los Angeles CA 90045
(323) 454-1124
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Our first Chakra Sunday of 2016 is dedicated to Women's History Month. Men and women are welcome to join us for a moment of restoration and relaxation as we use Reiki, brainwave entrainment and chakra balancing to restore alignment to mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Chakras are wheels of energy that connect the physical body and aura to Source. They are located along the center of the body and form a complex system of communication that receives, disseminates and releases unwanted energy to every cell in the body. Cha...kras are dynamic --- always in flux --- as they work to send and receive signals and messages.

~The 1st chakra governs basic survival instincts. It resonates with the color red.
~The 2nd chakra is the center of feelings & creativity. It resonates with the color orange.
~The 3rd chakra is the "power center," acting as a warehouse for the judgments, opinions and beliefs we have gathered that affect our self-esteem and self-confidence. It resonates with teh color yellow.
~The 4th chakra is the center of relationships, love, and compassion. It resonates with the color green.
~The 5th chakra helps us to manifest and express our deepest desires as well as protect the self. It resonates with the color green.
~The 6th chakra obtains, records and sends pictures, symbols, colors and images that represent reality. It resonates with the color purple.
~The 7th chakra is the psychic center for inner knowing. It regulates many in- and out- of-body functions. It is the center of our divinity and resonates with the colors white or clear.