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Introduction to Pendulums

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A pendulum is not a magical device. It simply serves as a visual for the energy surrounding a specific question or target.

Are you ready to strengthen and connect with your intuition in a really fun way? Our Introduction to Pendulums workshop is among the most popular at Wellness Uprising. Whether you are a novice, energy worker, or just someone with a curiosity, you will walk away with a few nuggets to help you look deeper into murky areas of your life.

Students will select, clear, program and practice using a pendulum for responses to yes/no questions. We introduce games that can be played at home to strengthen intuition. Students will be given an outline for conducting a dowsing session (or practicing any type of spiritual work) to ensure that energy remains grounded and protected throughout.

Earlier Event: October 19
Introduction to Pendulums $40
Later Event: November 25
Chakra Sunday