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Reiki I & II Class for Summer Solstice

Early Bird Enrollment Ends 5/18/16

The summer solstice marks the longest day of the year. It is a time for honoring new beginnings. It is your opportunity to harvest fruits of seeds planted and nurtured at the spring equinox. It is the perfect time to awaken to and strengthen your connection to universal energy for the purposes of restoring, realigning and healing mind and body. This is exactly what occurs in our Reiki I and II certification class.

Wellness Uprising has been certifying Reiki practitioners for more than 10 years. Our goal is to create a memorable experience instills a comprehensive understanding of how YOUR Reiki works, a familiarity with Reiki techniques and practice, and the confidence to perform Reiki on yourself, close friends, family, and complete strangers.

Day one is a full day of practice. Students receive attunement to Reiki level II and learn about the history of Usui Shiki Ryoho (Usui System of Natural Healing), how Reiki works, what Reiki is and isn't, and hand positions for self-healing and working on others.

Class size is kept to a minimum to ensure each practitioner receives the individualized attention he/she needs for proficiency.

In addition to lecture and attunement, day one encompasses hours of hands-on Reiki practice among students, as well as a thorough understanding of sending and receiving remote Reiki.

Day two is designed to reinforce skills obtained on day one in a one-of-a-kind Reiki clinic. Each student is required to perform a full 55-minute Reiki session on two actual Reiki clients (not students).

Day two concludes with a presentation of Reiki 2 certificates.

Students receive features listed above plus:

  • Reiki I and II Ebooks
  • Set of Reiki flashcards
  • In-class Reiki attunement
  • Ongoing support from Reiki Master Teacher
  • MP3 music to be used during Reiki sessions on self and others.
  • Remote Reiki attunement (early bird only)
  • 3-day detox to prepare body for Reiki attunement (early bird only)
  • 1 pre-class Reiki session from Reiki Master Teacher (early bird only)
  • Pre-class exercises to prepare the body for Reiki attunement (early bird only)

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