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Revlon Love is On Campaign

On Your Mark, Get Set…

From September 21st through October 29th, Wellness Uprising is supporting Black Women for Wellness (BWW) as a part of Revlon’s “Love is On” campaign. We stand at the starting line with other organizations that work to address women’s health issues such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The One Million Dollar Challenge

This campaign is designed to reward the organization that raises the most funds. If we raise the most funds, Black Women for Wellness will win $1,000,000!  If we come in 2nd place, BWW wins $250,000. If we don’t raise the MOST, we STILL get to keep whatever funding we raised during the 6 week challenge. Imagine what can be done with that funding for BWW’s programs that focus on prevention and management of chronic diseases (obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancers) that affect our health and quality of life. Money raised will support the National Diabetes Prevention Program, Kitchen Divas and Urban Chefs Academy programs. To learn more about BWW's health programs, please visit

Use the button below to make an impact by donating or joining our team of fundraisers for BWW. Thank you for your support in the form of well wishes, energy and, of course, donations! Love is On!