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Spirit Salon: Essential Oils for Beginners

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Spirit Salon: Essential Oils for Beginners
Sunday, 7/14/19
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Wellness Uprising
8703 La Tijera Bl., Ste. 205
Los Angeles CA 90045
RSVP via text or phone to Rhonda: (323) 454-1124

If you’ve ever been to Wellness Uprising, you know how much we love essential oils. In fact, our Chakra Balancing and Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy services are among our most requested healing sessions.That's why we are excited to share the many ways you can use essential oils in your every day life for mood enhancement, wellness, and overall well being.

Essential oils are healing compounds found in the stems, barks, roots, leaves and other parts of plants. They are what give plants their fragrance. Essential oils serve to protect plants and to aid in plant pollination. But how can essential oils be used to increase the well being of individuals in every day life?

At this Spirit Salon, Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari will talk about essential oils, their healing properties, and how you can start using them right now to improve your health and well being. We will have several oils on hand to smell and sample. This workshop will be followed by an opportunity to receive an iTOVi emotional body scan and three essential oils recommended for your optimal support for just $15.00. Attendees can also order oils to be delivered to your home or office.

Wellness Uprising is a healing studio located in the Westchester / LAX neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. We specialize in Reiki, chakra balancing and aromatherapy. Our Spirit Salon is a gathering where our Practitioners, clients and the community come together for an afternoon of learning, service sampling, and replenishing spiritual tools and supplies. It’s a safe and welcoming space to gain information about revolutionary self-care, where you give to, nurture, and support yourself before you attempt to nurture, support, or care for others. Admission is free.

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