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Summer Soul Sessions

Summer Soul Sessions: Workshops & Activities to Feed & Nourish Your Soul
Saturday, July 2, 2016
11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Moya Body Care
1001 W. Carson Street
Torrance CA 90502

Join us for an afternoon of revolutionary self-care through workshops and activities.


  • 11:30 - 12:30 - How to Fast & Detox Your Body - Monisha Garner is an Iridologist, Yoni Steam consultant and colon hydrotherapist who has helped thousands jump start a healthy lifestyle change. She will share step-by-step instructions on how to detox safely and effectively to rid your body of unwanted toxins and waste. Learn more about Monisha at
  • 12:45 - 1:45 - Yoga & Meditation - Pamela Buckner-Davis is a force to be reckoned. In March 2010, she weighed almost 300 pounds, had poor eating habits and did not exercise. She was miserable and admits to having lower self-esteem and self-confidence than ever! Four years later and over 135 pounds lighter, Pamela is a beacon to anyone striving to lose weight naturally through lifestyle change and physical activity. She is a Reiki Master, yoga instructor, holistic health coach, chakra balancing/cleansing therapist, holistic health practitioner, mother, wife and phenomenal woman. Her mission is to help others through spiritual healing. Join her for an hour of yoga that will set you on a path to transform and heal your body and your life. Visit her Web site at
  • 2:00 - 3:00 - Revolutionary Self-care Rituals - Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari is a Reiki Master Teacher, chakra therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Minister of Self-care and intuitive empath. Using Reiki as a foundation, Rhonda advocates 'revolutionary self-care," guiding and supporting others to give to, nurture and support yourself before you attempt to nurture, support or care for others. In this workshop she will discuss the importance of rituals and share methods for grounding, releasing negative energy, spiritual protection, detoxing with Himalayan pink salt and reclaiming a sense of balance in all areas of life. Visit Rhonda's Web site at
  • 3:15 - 4:15 - Skin Talk - Skin Talk: What is your skin telling you? Angela Green's Skin Talk is an informative workshop discussion on the internal causes of common skin conditions. Follow Angela on Facebook or Instagram @estheticsbyangela.


Spiritual Readings ($20 for 20 mins.) - Crystal Noldon is a Divine Channel and Healer. She has studied and is certified in many healing modalities. Crystal is a gifted spiritual reader who can help you make sense of the nonsense in your life. Bring her your dreams and she will tell you what they mean. Ask a question and she will respond with crystal clarity. She will help you uncover what is hidden and understand confusion. She is often the hit of these events.

Kansa Wand Face Treatment ($30) - La Donna is a certified esthetician, Reiki Practitioner and skin care enthusiast. This deeply relaxing face treatment opens and clears Marma points in the face, detoxifies the body and strengthens the nerves as per Ayurveda. The copper tip is beneficial for eyes, hair and heart. Visit La Donna's Web site at

Chair Massage ($1/minute - 10 minute minimum) - Lois Atwater, CMT, of Serenity Sol Massage has been perfecting her skills for over 20 years.  As a result, she has created a unique blend of Sports, Swedish and Acupressure bodywork and massage. Lois is  a  state  certified  massage  therapist,  a  graduate  of  California  HealingArts  College  and  a  member  of  the  American  Massage  Therapy  Association. Visit her web site at

Viewing Room - ($6 Suggested Donation)
Bring your most comfy floor pillow and take a seat in the inspirational film viewing room. Finger of God will open your heart and mind to a new way of seeing and being in the world.