healer’s heaven

  • Healer's Heaven - $143.75

  • Healer's Heaven Bundle - $375 (save $56.25 when you purchase 3 sessions)

What or who is a healer? At Wellness Uprising, we asked the question and have been guided to redefine the term to include those who have chosen healing as a profession like body workers, light workers, massage therapists, physicians, nurses, colon hydrotherapists, Qi Gong and EFT practitioners, as well as other, more passive healers like teachers, community leaders, entertainers, authors and others who raise good vibrations in the world.

With clients from all walks of life, we noticed a severe depletion in energy. Their auras were lackluster, chakras were clogged, energy centers were blocked and energy levels were lower than I've ever seen. When I asked to be led to a solution, Healer's Heaven was born (named by our clients).

Healer's Heaven is a 90-minute session that begins with Reiki, followed by Rhonda's signature Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy, and ending with a Kansa wand detox to release impurities from the body through the feet. Also included is about 90-minutes of Brainwave entrainment for deep relaxation and healing.

The results are phenomenal. Men and women emerge from this session feeling totally relaxed and renewed. The body is realigned with high frequency energy that reduces pain, restores balance, and clears the mind.