Kansa Wand.jpg

The Kansa wand is made from a sacred metal alloy. In Ayurveda, this combination of tin and copper (bronze) is referred to as “healing metal.” WU clients have come to love the Kansa wand as a detoxifying treatment on the feet at the end of our premium Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy and Healer’s Heaven sessions. Now we are pleased to offer the remarkable Reiki and Kansa Wand Facial Stimulation treatment.

In this session, Reiki is administered for several minutes. Energy centers are opened from the crown to the heart, initiating a state of deep relaxation. When the energy and physical bodies are relaxed, they vibrate at a higher frequency and are more open to the full benefit of facial Marma stimulation. Marma are points of energy in the body. They are used for healing in Ayurveda by manipulating prana (subtle energy). Marma are similar to chakras or acupuncture pressure points. As they are warmed and kneaded in this session, unwanted energy is released, stress and tension is alleviated, and the face is lifted and imbued with a natural glow.