Reiki Master Home Study Program - $425

Study Reiki at home, at your own pace in our home study program.

Study Reiki at home, at your own pace in our home study program.

The steps to becoming a Reiki Master are not to be taken lightly. It's a commitment to honor Guidance through connections with parts of yourself that lay dormant up to now. There is nothing new about Reiki; it's the same healing energy to which you've always had access. The same loving touch, gentle stroke and assuring hands you've used to soothe loved ones all your life. The difference is an intent to use this powerful resource to heal yourself, others and the Universe.  When you are ready, the Universe conspires to fulfill your requests. Taking steps to study Reiki will send a message that you are ready to step into a new role as healer, advisor and a clear channel for helping others.

Reiki is a lifelong practice that must be pursued at your own pace. That's exactly what you'll do in our Reiki Home Study Program. With the help of fellow-students and grads in a Facebook Group, you will have the best of both worlds --- study when and where you want and tap into a network of people who want to see you succeed in this endeavor. 

This comprehensive learning program includes:

  • Full-color Reiki e-handbook covering Reiki I, II and Master (pdf)

  • A Remote Reiki Master attunement

  • Reiki exercises, directions for case studies and a final exam

  • Reiki Master Teacher certificate upon completion and submission of all coursework

  • Access to a private Facebook Group for supported learning and sharing among instructors, students and alumnus

Reiki I and II Onsite Certification

Weekend - $475

Next Class: March 21-22, 2020 at Wellness Uprising

Next Class: March 21-22, 2020 at Wellness Uprising

Wellness Uprising takes great pride in the development of comprehensive Reiki classes and workshops in Los Angeles. 

Reiki I:  Reiki begins with self-healing. In our hands-on Reiki I class, students are guided to go within for the purposes of connecting with Source so they can tap into the innate healing ability that every person possesses as a birthright. This introductory segment includes the history of Reiki and various ways it can be used for deep relaxation and shifting energy for positive outcomes. Students learn hand positions for self-treatments and for treating others. Additionally, a foundation is laid for a daily practice of Reiki self-treatments to strengthen the Reiki connection and become more familiar with the nuances of subtle energy.

Reiki II: In Reiki II we go deeper to explore the many ways subtle energy can help identify and clear blockages that may lead to emotional and physical illness.  We discuss how it is possible to send Reiki remotely, and practice Remote healing exercises to build the confidence you'll need to help people and situations around the globe. This two-day class culminates in a hands-on Reiki clinic where each student performs a full session on an actual client. A Reiki Practitioner certificate is presented upon completion of participation in the Reiki clinic.