Palo Santo Frankincense Smudge Spray

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Palo Santo Frankincense Smudge Spray


In today's chaotic environment, the practice of smudging is on the rise as lay persons and healing practitioners strive to stay grounded and protected from negative energy.

In this smokeless smudging alternative, we've combined the nutty, warm, musky scent of clary sage and sweet, citrusy Palo Santo essential oils. Palo Santo Frankincense smudge spray is crafted with an intention to rid a space, object or person of all unwanted energy and restore balance for a healthy mind, body and spirit connection.


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Palo Santo Frankincense smudge spray is made with Reiki-ed holy water infused with Palo Santo wood, and immersed in the energy of full moonlight. A clear crystal point is added to each bottle for a continuous charge through the life of the product.

Shake gently and spray to smudge an area, your body, or any object you wish to dedicate for healing or spiritual purpose. Spray around your altar, workplace or around the house for protection from negative energy. Use on your healing table or in the palms of your hands to clear and reset energy between clients. Spritz 2-3 times your palms. Cup your nose and inhale deeply several times before meditation, yoga, Tarot readings, between healing clients, or any time you need to feel grounded or to reconnect with Spirit. 

Emotional Healing Properties of Clary Sage Essential Oil

Encourage calm, confidence, grounding, regeneration, tranquility, revitalizing, balance and restoration.

Emotional Healing Properties of Palo Santo Essential Oil

To encourage calm, peace, clarity, raise vibrations in preparation for meditation, or other spiritual or healing work.