Rosemary Lemon Wintergreen Clarity & Purification Mist

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Rosemary Lemon Wintergreen Clarity & Purification Mist


Rosemary Lemon Wintergreen Clarity and Purification Mist is an enlivening spray created to rid the air of staleness and stagnant energy. It uplifts, purifies and stimulates the mind while encouraging creativity and enhancing the ability to focus.

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In addition to aromatherapy grade rosemary, lemon and wintergreen essential oils, this mist contains Reiki-ed holy water infused with Palo Santo wood, and immersed in the energy of full moonlight. A clear crystal point is added to each bottle for a continuous charge through the life of the product.

Shake gently and spray Wellness Uprising's Rosemary Lemon Wintergreen Clarity & Purification Mist when you need a clear space free from toxins and stagnant energy. Spritz 2-3 times your palms. Cup your nose and inhale deeply several times before a workout or exam, while studying, or when you sit down to enjoy a good book. Spray in the car before or during a long drive to increase alertness. Use whenever you want the fresh, clean smell of something citrus, green, and mildly minty.

Emotional Healing Properties of Rosemary Essential Oil

Encourage energy, upliftment, confidence, clarity, confidence

Emotional Healing Properties of Lemon Essential Oil

Encourage clarity, direction, awareness, concentration, and liveliness

Emotional Healing Properties of Wintergreen Essential Oil

Opens the heart and strengthens the solar plexus chakra. Encourages awareness, focus and the acceptance of non-linear concepts.