Rock the Chakras

It sometimes seems that all things energy lead to questions about the chakra system. What exactly are chakras? How do they function? Why is their balance and clarity important to humans?

The human body is surrounded by, permeated with and consists of a multidimensional energy field called the aura. The aura contains flowing channels of energy that supply nourishment to every cell and organ in the body. These energy streams are called meridians. Chakras are rotating vortices of energy that receive energy from THE universal energy field; they feed that collected energy into the meridians, which in turn feed energy to every cell and organ in the body. This is the flow cycle of the human energy field.

There are seven in-body chakras located along the length of the spine up to the crown of the head. Each of these chakras is associated with a color of the rainbow spectrum. The root chakra is located at the tailbone or base of the spine. It resonates with the color red. Between the pubic bone and navel is the sacral chakra. It is the seat of passion and creativity and vibrates to the color orange. The solar plexus is located about two inches above the navel. It carries the color yellow and governs our sense of self and will. Located in the center of the chest is the heart chakra, and it resonates with the color green. This is our feeling center. The throat chakra is in the middle of the neck and it governs creative and communicative expression in all forms; it resonates with the color blue. The 3rd eye or brow chakra is responsible for intuition, dreams and our curiosity about spirituality. It radiates the color indigo. The crown chakra maintains a connection to the universe or God energy and it resonates to the colors violet or white. This chakra sustains an awareness that we are connected to a larger source such as God, Christ, Buddha, Allah, etc..

The human chakra system is complex and multi-layered. It takes years of study to learn all that is known about each chakra and related functions. For example, chakras have different front- and back-side functions. Each develops and matures at a different time in our lives. Every chakra is associated with mental beliefs, feelings, physical processes and spiritual perceptions. There are 12 chakras that govern our existence on this plane, and 20 spiritual energy centers or chakras, for a total of 32. Even more chakras are reputed to exist, depending on the person doing the talking. The consistent understanding of chakras, though, is that they hold the key to our personal, professional and physical issues. In short, clear and balanced chakras facilitate clear and balanced energy flow, which leads to clear and balanced life choices and, in turn, clear and balanced life circumstances. If we are to thrive in times of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, we must be willing to care for our chakras and energy body as well as our physical body. They work hand-in-hand and always seek stability and an equilibrium in the body, mind and soul which can only be achieved through wholistic self-care.