Perfect Clearing!

I felt great and I feel repaired after seeing Rhonda for my first Reiki treatment. The experience of clearing and removing blockages of emotions was the help I needed and what’s even more amazing was that I discovered at my session that those emotions were the emotions holding me back and separating me from my divine self. I was not even aware of it until I started my session. The tears fell and afterwards I felt light, free, and very happy. It was worth every penny.

~ Anonymous

Relaxing, yet invigorating

I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 min Healer's Heaven session. It was indeed...heavenly. Relaxing music surrounds my head, essential oils wafting in the air, while Rhonda works on balancing my energy. I didn't want the session to end...but, eventually it did. Can't wait to schedule the next visit!

~ Sharon A.

Great Atmosphere!

Rhonda is simply the best, she has such a calming spirit and magic hands! I leave feeling refreshed and renewed!

~ Candace V.

Reiki Master Certification

I recently received my Reiki Master attunement from Rhonda. I was literally on a Reiki "high" for days. I had been practicing as a Reiki 2 Practitioner for about 4 years. I moved into the Los Angeles area and was told about "Reiki" Rhonda. We spoke on the phone, and our spirits connected right away. I did the online Reiki course, which was absolutely wonderful. Rhonda is an expert and a dedicated Reiki Master. I am now part of her Reiki tribe. I highly recommend her program!

~B. Fudail

Reiki 1 and II Certification

I recently finished the Reiki I and II Certification program with Rhonda, and it was incredible! I learned so much about the power of Reiki in all facets. From her presentation, to her hands on advice, to working on people hands on in clinic, to teaching us about essential oils. Rhonda is the best. She is an expert in this field and shared so much knowledge that now we can take out and give to others in the world. I highly recommend her Reiki certification programs any day!

~WU Trained Practitioner

Better Sleep With Reiki

For the first time in weeks, I was able to sleep through the night after a Reiki session with Rhonda. Immediately after the in-person session, I was able to take deeper breaths and was more relaxed. She also recommended an area in my life that needs attention based on a chakra blockage she encountered. I highly recommend the professional services of Wellness Uprising.

~Margo T.

Exceeded Expectations!

Just completed Reiki I & II certification with Miss Rhonda and what an awesome experience it was! I am so glad I was led to this Jewel. Rhonda is a good instructor. Her teaching methods and presentation were stellar. She provided plenty of material, hands-on practice, and gave practical tips and advice on how to be successful as a Reiki practitioner. Truly an honor to be a part of this lineage of healers. DEFINITELY recommend Rhonda's class and services.

~WU Trained Practitioner

Remote Reiki

Excellent experience, remote Reiki was very healing. I feel great and my mind is very clear and calm. I have two more session and I'm really looking forward to getting them.

~Martha B.

Chakra Aromatherapy with Rhonda

I am so grateful to Rhonda and her sacred sanctuary. I just finished my Chakra Aromatherapy bundle with Rhonda and I absolutely LOVED it. I feel centered balanced and relaxed.. I highly recommend the Chakra Aromatherapy Bundle.

~Shalene C.

A Beautiful Experience!

I signed up for Rhonda's Reiki I and II training and I'm so glad I did! Rhonda is an amazing teacher and Reiki Master who wants the best for her students. She simplified the material in a way that was very easy to digest and facilitated practical hands-on training so that we felt confident and ready to start our Reiki practice immediately. I appreciated her giving us real life examples of her experience Reiki both on the practice and business side. I highly recommend her and will be back!

~WU Trained Practitioner

Afternoon of relaxation and education

Miss Rhonda is such a joy to work with and her scope of knowledge is astounding. Loved the aroma therapy with Kansa wand. Her room is so grounded with positive energy, the constant ringing in my ears was silenced throughout the whole session. The blend of oils used had me refreshed, invigorated and at peace at the same time!

~Chelle E.

First Reiki Session

I found the experience very calming, relaxing and soothing to my body, senses and spirit, the practitioner was very calming and supportive, as I was somewhat apprehensive to what to expect!! I was very impressed as to how relaxed I felt after the session, and would like to experience it again!!!

~Laverne J.


Excellent experience, very wonderful person was very knowledgeable. I feel great and I'm on a different path in a different course. I have had three sessions, and I definitely will do it again.

~Dekoda W.


Always a great experience! Rhonda is extremely gifted and knows how to make her clients feel at ease.


Powerful and peaceful

Rhonda is an incredible practitioner with a plethora of knowledge. Her place is peaceful and filled with serenity. Every session I learned new information and I am so grateful.

~Karen L.

Wonderful as usual!

Rhonda was as usual wonderful. She is always, kind, compassionate and very very skillful and knowledgeable. Can't wait to come back to her for chakra balancing.


What Can I Say!

AMAZING! Rhonda was a great spirit! I had never had energy work done and of course was a little nervous. But She offered all the information I needed and was open to questions. I absolutely recommend you to book your appointment NOW!. I will be back!


Excellent service

Excellent service very knowledgeable! Return customer for sure! Was a little uneasy about the process but I relaxed and enjoyed the process.

~D. Ware

Awesome Experience

I did my first chakra balancing session with Rhonda at Wellness Uprising. I am in total awe of the experience. I literally could feel energy flowing through my body. I am relaxed, centered and fully balanced. Rhonda is a beautiful, calm spirit with miraculous healing hands. I can't stop telling people about her and WU. You will not be disappointed!!! I am booking my next appointment asap!

~Cimone M.

Reiki and Aromatherapy

My first time I was getting reiki from another Person. I received aromatherapy I've got less pain in my body. I feel a lot better less stress calm after it was so nice and relaxing. All my troubles aches and pain went away just left my body. The music was so relaxing. I just wanted to stay in the room. I hated that my session was over I will spread the word and go back for more sessions.

~Annemarie J.

So Grateful

Reiki sessions w/Brittany have helped me so much...she is a sweetheart who cares about the work she does :) I highly recommend her services.

~Gabriel W.

Reiki Healing

Rhonda has great energy. Would highly recommend seeing her. I left feeling a whole lot lighter. Completely grateful.


Jun 15, 2017


The first I received Reiki was from a different practitioner. It was disappointing. I was honestly expecting the same type of outcome this time. Rhonda is amazing. I felt tension and then I felt my body release and relax throughout the session. When it ended, I received an analysis, which was dead on. AMAZING!! Thank you.

~Lisa H.

Best Healing Session Ever

The aromatherapy is the best in the world. I rate they whole overall experience at a 10+. I feel no pain what so ever. I will be back and spreading the word!! My body feels great!!


I Love Reiki

I've got less pain and I'm calmer after reiki. Brittany was so nice and relaxing, all my worries just left my mind and my body. The room smelled so nice and the music was enjoyable.

~Kathryn H.

Powerful and Restorative!

I have been a client of Rhonda's for years. Her Reiki and Chakra Balancing are a part of my Self Care routine!

~Niambi S.


This was absolutely amazing, my body felt weightless and when I got home I slept like a baby:) I'm so grateful to have gained this experience, I feel less stress and more connected to my inner self, Thanks so much Wellness Uprising, you help bring me joy:)

~Elisha S.

Relaxing Chakra Session

I had a relaxing chakra session with Rhonda. When I went in my neck was in pain and my throat was dry. After she balanced all chakras and balanced my throat chakra, the lack pain decreased and my throat felt normal. Overall it was a very therapeutic and relaxing session!

~Julie G.


When you leave Wellness Uprising Your mind is clear your body is relaxed, fresh and new.... DO IT!!!

~Veronica M.


It was a great experience and I will definitely return for a follow-up. I went the day before going to LAS VEGAS because I felt heavy and out of wack :( I knew I would be meeting distant relatives so I need to be in a space of clarity and acceptance. I had extremely high expectations and I wasn't disappointed. I still feel light and open. Thank you.

~Jasmine I.


I always get a Spring Cleaning Reiki from Rhonda... She's simply the best! The office is tranquil and serene!

~Candace V.


Rhonda knows what she is doing, she is very professional and I am would highly recommend it. Can't wait to go back.


Feb 12, 2017

My first time

What a relaxing and healing process I was privy to. I cannot wait until next month. For an hour I totally forgot my woes and concentrated on nothing, I zoned out within minutes of the procedure/progress. See you soon.


1st time reiki

I loved my service with Ms. Rhonda. I'm looking forward to my next session of relaxation and peace within.



I had the wonderful experience of an aromatherapy session with Rhonda. I was her last client for 2016, and it was fabulous! Rhonda is very skilled at what she does, in a warm, quiet, nurturing environment. I felt all of the stress of 2016 slipping away as she worked on unblocking the negative energy. I left there walking on clouds, actually feeling lighter and unencumbered to start my new year! If you are in need of a spiritual lift, I strongly suggest you visit Rhonda. You wont be disappointed

~Leslie C.


It was an amazing first time experience with wellness and I was very pleased how knowledgeable and informative Rhonda was. I plan to continue to attend this place more often for services.



Rhonda was great! It was my first visit and didn't know what to expect. I liked the headphones experience. I think that was a great touch. She didn't need any info from you and just worked her magic. In retrospect I should have kept my eyes closed. It was definitely a great experience! Thanks Rhonda!! Def. someone to recommend!



Every time I visit Wellness Uprising I feel so much better and relaxed .. it is an amazing experience and Rhonda is the real deal .. I look forward to the next visit . It has been a blessing to have found her to add to my overall wellness health.

~Lisa V.

Always a Favorite

I love Wellness Uprising. Any service I get I'm happy to come in and experience the serenity and healing atmosphere.

~Cheryl T.

Great Atmosphere!

From the moment you enter until you leave it is a tranquil experience! I love the smell, the decor and the over all encounter!

~Candace V.

What a Pleasant Experience!

What a blessing! Wellness Uprising provided just what I needed! The environment is peaceful and welcoming. The staff members were pleasant and very hospitable! I felt like they were old friends! My treatment was amazing and very effective! I left very happy and plan to return soon!

~Teresa B.

Very Calming and Soothing Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatment with Rhonda is a very peaceful and rejuvenating experience. It's recharging and brings me back to my body as a complete being. I highly recommend her Reiki treatment.


Chakra Balancing with Aromatherapy is a Must!

Rhonda is a truly blessed healer! I went in for Chakra Balancing and thanks to Rhonda’s great intuition she prepped for Chakra Balancing with Aromatherapy which turned out to be a great experience, it was what I needed all of the blocks had me feeling unbelievably stressed and this treatment cleared all of the blocks. It has been over a week since my treatment and I still feel balanced and clear headed also this treatment opened many doors that were closed. I highly recommend going to Rhonda.



Rhonda is extremely informative, thorough and trustworthy. I would recommend chakra balancing to anyone looking for alternative methods of spiritual cleansing!

~Jessica C.


Rhonda is truly gifted at what she does. I appreciate her detailed explanations and her desire to ensure you're comfortable. Would definitely recommend the chakra aromatherapy to anyone considering it!



Rhonda is a fantastic healer. I always leave her table feeling wonderful. I suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and she manages to make the flareups subside even when the meds don't.

~Connie J.

Wonderful Enlightened Chakra Balancing

Rhonda is a truly gifted light worker. Whenever I'm over stressed or feeling down. I get a Chakra Balancing treatment and I always come out feeling like new. I will continue to use Rhonda's wonderful services and I highly recommend her Chakra Balancing treatment.

~Martha B.


Always a wonderful experience in a beautiful setting. I've done Reiki and Chakra Balancing. I will be back for more!

~Alisha O.

Warm and Welcoming

A warm, comfortable and inviting energy, Wellness Uprising takes care to provide the best service for their clients. I received a Reiki session (only my 2nd ever) from a new graduate student, and felt totally supported and cared for. They answered my questions, which made for a thoroughly comfortable experience. I would highly recommend Wellness Uprising to those interested in experiencing healing energy!

~Toi B.

Great Experience

I received the chakra aromatherapy service. Rhonda took time to explain the process before beginning and helped ensure I was comfortable. I will be returning.



My first Reiki session with Rhonda was nothing short of amazing. She is truly a gifted (and kind and patient) healer. I'd been waking up with anxiety in my gut for weeks. The morning after my treatment, I felt a peace I hadn't in a while. I look forward to my next visit.


Feeling Renewed

I love to visit Rhonda! She has such a warm personality! This was my first chakra balancing and am looking forward to my next visit. I left feeling calm and stress-free!

~Jemila P.

Chakra Balancing Service is Not to be Missed

I went in for Rhonda's chakra balancing service. I came out feeling like new. It has been a week since the session and I still feel balanced and all of the daily stresses that would get me down are not so bothersome anymore. I will be going back in the recommend time frame :) and highly recommend any of Rhonda's treatments.

~Martha B.

More Than What I Expected

I have never had balancing of my energy before so, I went to the session not knowing what to expect. I do not know what were the results that I should have obtained...the only thing I know is that I felt great relief. Next day, I was very focused on what I needed to do and open to try different things. For now, I still feel like I own myself. I do not know what I am going to do with the situations that are hard for me to handle but, I am going through the process without panic. Thanks!

~Maria S.


Rhonda is absolutely amazing. Her energy alone is ultra-calming and then after she performs her magic on you will feel absolutely wonderful, re-freshed, balanced, & lighter. I have had both chakra balancing and reiki sessions and I recommend either.



I have been seeing Rhonda at WU regularly for over two months for chakra balancing and have always felt wonderful afterward. I feel lighter and have seen firsthand positive energies manifest in my daily life. Before receiving reiki with Rhonda my chakras were significantly imbalanced. I received my first aromatherapy massage yesterday and slept much better than I have in weeks. Rhonda has such a gentle and fun spirit so you will feel right at home. I highly recommend going to WU!



It was a peaceful experience. I will be back again and again. Rhonda was attentive, informative and patient. She is really nice and I loved their facility.

~Anita M.

Wellness Uprising

Rhonda is the real deal. I have been for Reiki sessions with other practitioners, but Rhonda gave me a chakra balancing that allowed me to leave feeling renewed. She did an amazing job and I will be back!


Rhonda is Awesome

I've had several Chakra balancing sessions from Rhonda & she is amazing. I leave feeling refreshed, clear, and balanced.



Rhonda is so sweet...and SOOOO Good at what she does. This was my second visit and definitely looking forward to my next one. Much love for this beautiful soul with healing hands.


Rhonda is terrific

Rhonda did a wonderful Reiki/Chakra balancing for me. She is fantastic. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you, Rhonda!

~Tessa M.

Excellent Service

I had a wonderful experince at the WU. Mrs. Rhonda shared relaxing techniques that I can use in my daily life. I was having trouble in my lower back. Stifness and irritation, the therapy session eased all of it. I feel great amd my body feels great. Thank You Wellness Uprising. Thank you Rhonda. May you continure to be a blessing and continue to be blessed. One Love, One God, One People.



Every service that I have obtained from Rhonda has been exquisite. She it highly intuitive, gentle, wise and caring. She knows her stuff and shares willingly from that vast knowledge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED WITHOUT RESERVATION!!

~Mark W.


I have been with Rhonda for almost an year now and it is just right. She is THE PERSON and really has the right ability and balance for reiki. Great energy...


Excellent Experience

I was a bit nervous but Rhonda made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She explained what she would be doing and then worked on me. I will be coming back and have already told family and friends.

~Carmen C.

Awesome Experience

Rhonda was amazing from the moment that she opened the door and greeted me with her energetic smile! Explained the Chakra process and then got to work on a beautifully relaxing treatment. Look forward to seeing her again!

~Sara G.

A Wonderful Experience

I am at the beginning of my spiritual journey. I needed help to fully surrender and connect to spirit during meditation. Rhonda was very helpful and knowledgeable. She explained the process of Chakra Balancing and made me feel very comfortable. Immediately after my first session, I felt amazing. I highly recommend her services and look forward to another appointment.

~Christina H.


A very positive experience. My first time chakra balancing. Overall, very good experience I was told today I seemed more calm, more serene. Rhonda is really a sweet and caring person. A real pleasure to meet her. Try it you will like it!!!!

~Kim F.

Interesting and Relaxing

Very positive experience. my first time with massage and chakra balancing. loved all the oils and the smells. I just wish I had received a full reading before the balancing session - maybe my package did not include it. Overall, very good experience. And Rhonda is really a sweet and caring person. a pleasure to meet her. Thank you!

~Stephanie M.

Delightful Time

Every time I have an appointment with Rhonda, I leave feeling like I can do anything! I love the smells in her office and space!

~Candace V.

Desperately Needed Reading

My (Tarot) reading was poignant, relevant and revealing. I am very pleased with it and highly recommend her!!

~Amona B.


I experienced my first reiki treatment with Rhonda and was very pleased. She was warm, professional, and friendly! The room and ambiance were soothing. Can't wait for my next appointment.

~Jemila P.


Rhonda is warm and friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. The session itself was very relaxing and did give me a feeling of balance and well being that may have been all in my head...However, I can report that after six months out of work, a job has just fallen into my lap. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

~Lisa M.

Great Experience

1st time balancing my chakras and did I come to the right place. Rhonda is amazing & kind. Will return!!

~Ethel P.

Wonderful Experience!

I met with Rhonda as part of a Living Social deal and after a few moments with her, I felt that we were kindred spirits. She knew just what to do and after my visit, I felt rejuvenated. I would recommend her to everyone and I will definitely be back!

~Gail C.

Just What I Needed

I bought a Living Social deal with Rhonda, and it was exactly what my body and mind needed. After reading my information from her chart, she asked if I was willing to sit for more time without being charged. Who does that? She helped me through some issues that I have held in my body for way too long. She is a blessing and I honor her lineage, since it runs deep with healers.

~Peter C.

Wonderful First Experience

Rhonda is absolutely wonderful. She has a true healing gift and the Chakra Balancing Aromatherapy treatment she gave me was so relaxing and enjoyable. The room in which the treatment took place is lovely, a genuinely sacred space. I will surely return for another treatment in the future. Highly recommended!

~Maggie L.

Great Experience

Fantastic experience with expected results. Felt relaxed that lasting effects. Rhonda is a very pleasant practitioner.

~Ethel P.


Rhonda has a dynamic ability to key right into the areas of my life I wanted to further discover. With the (Tarot) reading she was prompt, directly answered my question and gave me a sure guide to success. Forever grateful, and recommend the service she provides.


Chakra Balancing Aromatheraphy, Awwww!

I treated my family to a Chaka Balancing Aromatherapy session to start our new year which was wonderful! The oils smelled so delightful and it was very relaxing. Rhonda was great in explaining everything to my daughters, husband, and I. The environment was very clean, cozy, and pleasant. She made us feel so welcome and comfortable. We will definitely be back soon.


Tarot Card Reading

Rhonda does an in depth reading via email which is great. I've had two done, and both seem to be on point so far. Looking forward to the next one!

~Vivian L.


I came to my Reiki session full of the stress of work, kids, and personal issues that I had been carrying with me. Rhonda is so calm, loving and nurturing, by the time my session was over, I couldn't believe I had to leave! Since my session two weeks ago, I have been much more relaxed and able to keep a positive outlook. Rhonda is a gifted healer and is perfect at what she does. I will definitely be back, and would recommend her all day long!

~Leslie C.

Great Experience

Rhonda was great in my Reiki session. It was very calming and relaxing. What a great gift to myself. I will certainly return. Many Thanks, Rhonda.

~Diane T.


Rhonda is wonderful!! Before going to get my chakra balancing I was depressed, lifeless and not sleeping well. Since I have more energy, clarity and sleeping better. Thank you Rhonda!!



Rhonda is my sleep whisperer! No matter what is going on in my life, after my session, my body and mind is open to the most restful slumber. Working graveyard shifts does not matter...will continue to recommend!

~Carol R.


Rhonda is an amazing compassionate healer. I had been looking forward to this service for 2 weeks. She never disappoints. Will return in the future.

~Pamela B.


My Reiki Session with Rhonda was extremely relaxing. I was in such a peaceful state I yawned all the way home. I am amazed, it's been over a week since my session and I'm still getting a more restful sleep and I'm also pain free from a arthritic knee.



Rhonda did a great job making me calm & relaxed. I am going through a tough time in life & her compassion & guidance is helping me get through it. The session was amazing & I got some really good rest that night which I haven't gotten in weeks! I am so thankful she is here during this difficult time in my life!

~Kristopher C.

Very Relaxing

Every time I go to Rhonda, I come out feeling like a new, rejuvenated me! The aroma as soon as you walk in gives a sense of peace. I am grateful to have Rhonda and her techniques in my life!

~Candace V.

Got a Reiki Healing and Felt Great All Day!!

Really enjoyed my time, conversation, and the openness of this healing lady. She stays in the now, and a beautiful, full life, and I hope she introduces me/ or invites me/ or connects me to her channeling friends. Definitely took some pain away, and gave me some great guidance and good thoughts and ideas to keep getting better and happier. On a scale of 1-10, she's an 11!! Loved her!!

~Gail S.

So relaxing!

Was very skeptical at first but then Rhonda did what she does best. I felt so relaxed and at peace and ready to face the challenges of the week. I definitely will come back for more sessions.

~Mariza G.

Amazing experience!

Rhonda is definitely a Reiki Master. I felt such peace during and after my session with her. Rhonda is a genuine, loving, kind soul, and has a beautiful gift for healing through energy. I had the most relaxing and blissful day after my Reiki session, followed up by the most peaceful and restful sleep I've experienced in a long time. I am so thankful for meeting her and for the wonderful experience. I am really looking forward to my next session with Rhonda!

~Samantha D.

Rhonda is Outstanding!

I've received both Reiki and Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy from Rhonda. She is a gifted healer and I always feel spiritually uplifted when I leave her table.

~Connie J.

Amazing Reiki

I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki with Rhonda. She was not only super knowledgeable but also very comfortable. I fell into a deep sleep and have felt things releasing and shiiting since my treatment. Highly recommend Rhonda. The place was very cozy and quiet. Made my day!

~Jayne J.


Wellness Uprising is my number one place for Holistic healing services. Rhonda is knowledgeable, professional and excellent at what she does. I had a chakra balance with aromatherapy. The treatment was amazing. I felt so relaxed and wonderful afterward. I will definitely return and recommend to others!

~Pamela B.


I had a great experience with Rhonda. Her space is very calm and inviting, and Rhonda was very nurturing. I will definitely return again!

~Julie W.


This was my first experience with Reiki and it was wonderful. Definitely want to see Rhonda again. She made me feel relaxed and at peace.

~Briana J.

Couldn't Ask for a Better Experience:)

My reiki session was such a uniquely calming experience. Furthermore, Rhonda's gentle presence put me at ease immediately and enhanced my entire day. This was my first reiki experience but certainly not the last!!:)



It was a great experience. Great energy when you walk into the space. Rhonda has a great vibe. I was so relaxed after my session and am looking forward to coming back again.

~Debbie C.

Reiki Session

Rhonda is amazing, she has fantastic customer relations. She is a great facilitator and expert in her field. It was my first experience receiving treatment, yet won't be the last either. So far, on a very next day I feel energized, strong and well balanced mood. Thank you very much for the great treatment.


Reiki Session

This was my first Reiki session and it was awesome! Rhonda's space is very relaxing, and she kept me very comfortable listening to soothing music while she performed the session. I have already recommended her to several of my friends.

~Alisha O.

Rhonda is Amazingly Intuitive...

Rhonda's ability to tune-in is nothing short of amazing. Anyone looking to clear the brain clutter or feeling off-centered will benefit from seeing Rhonda. She has a gift. I felt calm and in alignment after my Reiki and Chakra Balancing session.

~Lisha R.

Awesome First Time Reiki!

I felt very comfortable and welcome. Rhonda was amazing! Extremely professional. She had great prep material before the session. Her explanations were easy to understand!

~Amber R.

Need More Time

Enjoyed the session, though we ran out if time and as I was looking forward to more I definitely feel the need!

~Pamela P.


On every level I am grateful for my experience, I have been opened to things that I needed to see for resolution. Thank you!

~Rasha P.

Reiki 50 Minute Special

Rhonda is quite the Reiki Master. She has a wonderful center located in a darling building. She is happy and positive and makes you feel right at home. A session with her goes a long way. At first, you may just feel calm and peaceful, but then as the energies start to balance themselves within your body, you feel clear and energetic. I guess it's whatever the body is needing to balance itself. I recommend her for many reasons and I am looking forward to trying her Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy.


Thank You!

This was my first Reiki session. Rhonda is the perfect person for Reike, she has the right energy and equilibrium for that. Would recommend for all.


Great Reiki!

Rhonda is a great reiki practitioner. She has a great energy about her and was very professional. I feel nice refreshed after making sure all my chakras are open and clear. Would highly recommend!

~Vivian L.

Experience with Wellness Uprising

This was my first time ever with this type of healing and I thought it was great the instructor Rhonda was great. I was provided with detail information before I started she made me very relaxed. I was not rushed at all. The place was very clean and smelled nice. I notice the difference in my day to day program, and I thought to myself I have to go back it made me see things different and not over react. I will return for another visit.