Breath of life

Breath is life. It begins at birth and continues until we transition to the ether. Shallow or incorrect breathing creates blocked energy. Our bodies are equipped with an intricately designed system just for breathing. Each breath is processed through the lungs, trachea, bronchi and diaphragm, cleansing and feeding oxygen to the blood and brain. Though breathing occurs automatically, there are nearly 200 symptoms linked to improper breathing like headaches, chest pain, neck and shoulder pain and dizziness. Contrary to popular belief, correct breathing is a skill to be learned. Here's how you can use breathing to release energy blocks and restore positive energy flow.

  • Yin: To spiritually relieve sadness, anxiety and depression, align yourself with the spiraling energy of Qi as it moves away from the center of the body. To do this, inhale and old the breath for as long as possible without discomfort. Then, release the breath. This exercise helps the lungs, heart and pericardium and it's spiritually uplifting.

  • Yang: To physiologically relieve sadness, anxiety and depression while flowing purifying energy through the large and small intestines, work with Qi as it spirals toward the center of the body. Inhale, exhale and then hold the breath.

  • Yin: To remove blockages within your Qi and to realign mind, body and spirit, inhale, hold the breath, inhale again and exhale. This exercise cleanses the liver, spleen and kidneys using Qi as it spirals toward the center of the body. On an emotional level, it addresses anger, fear and worry.

  • Yang: To relieve worry, anger and fear, increase Qi and cleanse the bladder, gall bladder and stomach, inhale, exhale, hold and exhale again.