What is Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE)?

Wellness Uprising is taking healing to higher levels with BWE. Starting September 1, 2015, Wellness Uprising will offer free monaural or binaural (BWE) during healing sessions. It involves listening to repeating pulses of sound. In response to the repetitious pulses, the frequency of the listener's brainwaves change to match the frequency of the stimulus. This natural phenomenon is known as the 'frequency following response.' As part of your Reiki, Chakra Balancing and aromatherapy sessions, BWE will help you quickly and easily access higher levels of consciousness for a deeper and more complete healing experience.

BWE is useful because specific mental states are associated with the production of specific brainwave frequencies. This supports healing in the listener's body, enabling him/her to easily reach particular frequencies to access various states of mind more easily.

Our BWE audios are relaxing and soothing. Read the descriptions below to learn how they can enhance your healing session. These BWEs are not recommended for children under the age of 18.

  1. Peace of Mind BWE opens within the mid Beta range and gradually sinks to 5.5Hz which is a very relaxing, peaceful and meditative state. It also contains a 1Hz beat that flows through the entire audio helping people let go of stress while encouraging mind/body rejuvenation. In a Reiki session, clients reach deeper levels of healing more quickly while listening to Peace of Mind.
  2. Magic Healing Pool BWE touches upon the major frequencies associated with healing the body and relaxing the mind. Listening to Magic Healing Pool will help you relax into deep meditation while the frequencies encourage your brain to heal various aspects of your body. Magic Healing Pool supports the mental and physical healing aspects of Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy and Reiki.
  3. Deep Release BWE is formulated especially for the healing of emotional and physical trauma. Resonance is used to attain specific mind-body states that go beyond intuitive understanding. This audio helps the listener reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle stiffness and calm emotions. A dramatic change take place as they begin to release, breathe more deeply and bring forth coherency to the brain and balance energy. Combined with Reiki, Deep Release supports self-healing of deeply distressing emotional and physical experiences.
  4. The Awakening BWE is directly associated with heart and healing. The frequency is set to 10.5 cycles per second which is said to help with healing the body and encourages mind-body unity. The Awakening naturally awakens and purifies each one of your chakras in turn, thus serving as a complement to any Chakra Balancing or Reiki session.