Hands-on Reiki

Hands-on Reiki

Hands-on Reiki

As a practice, Reiki involves helping to create a state of energetic balance, which releases stress, relieves pain and promotes self-healing. This is done by offering an added measure of life force energy to the person in need. It can be given silently with noticeable results.

Reiki sessions last from 45 to 60 minutes. Recipients remain fully clothed and the practitioner may lay hands directly on the body, or work within six inches above the body. Essential oils and music may also used to induce deeper relaxation and healing.

During the session, most recipients enter a state of relaxed awareness called, "alpha." In this state, the mind is clear and receptive to information from the higher or subconscious mind.  In the alpha state, people are able to make connections and realizations that may be missed in a conscious state.  This clears 'mind clutter' and opens the door to "aha' moments, deep relaxation, enhanced self-healing and the release of stress.

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  • $65 - Prepay and schedule your appointment now.
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  • Reiki Bundle $170 - Save up to $85 when you purchase 3 hands-on Reiki sessions.


    Remote Reiki

    Remote Reiki

    Remote Reiki

    You can receive Reiki from anywhere on the planet. How?

    Everyone is connected to a single source of life force energy. In a remote Reiki session, the practitioner performs as if you are right in front of her, allowing Reiki to flow freely from her hands into a 'holding' place, where it will be waiting for you to complete a few simple steps for 'downloading.' Think of it as energy on "will call."

    Remote Reiki sessions last about 40 minutes. During the session, you may experience many of the same sensations as a hands-on session. It is important to understand that what is felt DURING a Reiki session (waves of warmth, chills, tingles, etc.) is not the healing experience, it is the body accommodating the influx of life force energy. Self-healing unfolds as a process over the course of several days following a Reiki session.

    REIKI May help emotional conditions like

    • PTSD
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Depression
    • Anger and rage
    • Negative thinking

    Recommended frequency

    Every 21 days for first three sessions, then as needed, determined by the client. More frequent sessions are recommended if client is sick, recovering from illness, injured or receiving chemotherapy.

    how to purchase remote reiki

    Select a single session or bundle from below. Then request a day/time for your session via text to (323) 454-1124 or email rhonda@wellnessuprising.com. Allow at least 48 hours for scheduling. You will receive a confirmation email when the session time is confirmed.

    Remote reiki