The gift of Tarot is revelations that shed light on issues and lead to options we may otherwise miss altogether.
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Why Tarot?

Tarot readings pull back the curtains of our lives so we can see what's really going on. They empower us to make choices that support personal growth, spiritual development and the manifestation of what is best for everyone involved. They present options and answer questions that help us navigate life in the flow, rather than fighting blindly against it.

Tarot readings do not shape or predict the future. They disclose what you already know but, for some reason, cannot yet see. They are a wonderfully empowering resource for gaining insight into what is occurring in your energy field and possible outcomes based on your personal choices.

Rhonda's Tarot readings help people discover and consider options that may otherwise be overlooked or missed altogether; choices that take you where you want and are meant to go. Without the use of automated or software-generated readings, Rhonda will personally lay a spread that speaks directly to your issues. 

Tarot readings can help if you feel stuck or unable to move forward in your career, if you are having difficulty choosing between two options, if you have questions about a relationship or if you want to discover and move toward your life purpose. Many consult the Tarot to help them confidently navigate difficult life situations or to stay on track with certain goals and objectives.

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari is a gifted intuitive empath, Reiki Master, healer and Tarot reader. She helps people by revealing insights about health, spirituality, career, love, finances and life in general.

Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread

To get the most from your reading, ask clear, brief questions. There is no need to go into great detail. For greater clarity, feel free to email up to 2 questions. 

  • $60.00 - Celtic Cross - 10-card spread revealing 10 in depth aspects of a single subject


Rhonda's Tarot journey (in her own words)


People ask if I am psychic. ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, my comical journey as a Tarot reader proves exactly the opposite.  I was invited to a Tarot and divination class and I enrolled with my teenage son, thinking it would be a good fit for his empathic abilities and tactile learning style. I listened halfheartedly and watched in amazement as he took to the cards right away. On the first day we learned the Major Arcana. It felt non-intuitive, complicated and confusing.  

At 50-something, the thought of trying to memorize the cryptic meanings of 78 cards was overwhelming. The instructor was visibly irritated by my disinterest and frustrated by my insistence that the cards were for my son, not for me. 

In the next class, I was told that Tarot was a tool for me and that I was already a reader. I complained that the cards made me feel insecure about my abilities (ego). She told me to sleep with the decks. I smacked my lips like a teenager, and gave my word that I would give it a try.

As an intuitive-empath, it's not unusual for me to sense unseen beings, especially at night. With the Rider Waite deck under my pillow, I heard low whispers in my left ear all night. 

The next night, I slept with the Angel Tarot deck and there were high-pitched whispers all night, again in my left ear. 

In the next class we laid an 18-card spread and, to my surprise, the images told a story that helped me learn and remember the meanings of each beautiful card. 

Learning Tarot was a benchmark in my life. Ego convinced me that reading was not in my spiritual toolkit. I was wrong. I AM a Tarot reader. I DO Tarot readings. I am an ardent fan of the Rider Waite deck, above all others!  I am eternally grateful to my Tarot teacher and mentor, Vjananda, who activated a gift I never knew I had! Goes to show, we don't know BLEEP about what's in store for us. That is the gift of Tarot -- it presents us with information, insights and choices we may otherwise miss.

How we work

Our Tarot energy readings are done by Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari, a gifted intuitive empath and skilled reader. Rhonda's reading gift is fueled by her ability to remain neutral and nonjudgmental. She has a unique knack for relaying only what appears in the cards, not her opinion of what you'd like to hear.

Reading results are delivered by email in a detailed report format that you can refer to again and again as the energy and events unfold over time.

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