Life lessons

Before I left Corporate America, I was blessed to do a job I loved in an industry that allowed me to use and develop many aspects of my self to be of service in a meaningful way. I left the confines and security of a brick and mortar, salaried position 12 years ago. There has been no guarantee of income, retirement plan or regular PTO. As someone with an excellent skill set, I always felt I could reenter the Corporate world at any time and pick up where I left off. To my surprise, that place doesn't even exist anymore. I chose ownership of my time over money and there has been a hefty price to pay along with some great rewards.

I own and operate a beautiful healing practice and serve a wonderful clientele of people who appreciate and value my work. I have had the distinct pleasure of being a full-time, hands-on mother to my son as well as a front-row caregiver for my aging parents. My siblings rely on my time and energy to fill gaps while they work more traditional jobs, the fruits of which they share generously in honor of my contributions to the family whole.

Here are a few of my life lessons so far:

(1) Make honorable choices that serve the whole of your world, not just your egoistic desires. By serving the many, you are planting seeds that will grow mighty trees of support and good will in times of need. 
(2) You will live in the house you build with your decisions. If you don't like what you've built, you can reconstruct at any time (often slowly and painfully) by changing your choices and behavior. 
(3) There are creative forces at work behind the scenes, mirroring and attracting the energy you put out (not the stuff you "say" you're about), so be conscious of what's really going on in your heart. 
(4) Do not be discouraged by limited acceptance and understanding from those around you. They do not see or know Divine's plans for your life --- neither do you.
(5) Listen intently and be obedient to your God-given and God-driven internal GPS. It will never steer you wrong.