New web page

Wellness Uprising has a new Web site. After many hours of writing and tweaking, we have finally settled into our newly designed e-home. In addition to a beautiful new banner, we've combined our domains. The Services tab is home to healing services and Tarot energy reading information. We've created a sacred space and combined domains for wellness clients and friends who seek advice from our Tarot energy readings. Youcan continue to use the URL to which you're accustomed, or, to find us on the Internet.

Our new banner is a photo of the elements of air, water, earth, fire and metal.

Air is essential to life. It is the first and last thing we experience from birth to our transition back to the ether and beyond as we rejoin Source.

In Taoism, water represents intelligence and wisdom. It is the most powerful element as it is virtually indestructible. It travels from the oceans, to the skies and back down to earth again, in precise measurements that never wavers in amounts. It readily shifts between solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (steam) forms. Water's attributes are creative, reflective, sensitive and persuasive. It is both fluid and unyielding as it takes the form of any container into which it is poured, yet is unstoppable as a body in motion.

Earth is harmonizing, stable, reliable and industrious. It is the source of vegetation which provides us with food and oxygen.

Fire is a mighty purifier, cleansing to the spirit and, in the physical sense, a quick restorer to our original form of ashes and dust.

Metal is extracted from the earth. Its positive attributes are determination, persistence and strength.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the our new site. You'll find a revamped blog, a media section with videos and links to recent newsletters, an events calendar and useful information about our services. We hope you'll make our virtual home your virtual home. Welcome.