Sex and the sacred womb

Your womb is not an amusement park granting admission and a quick thrill for a paltry exchange (money, a few seconds of pleasure, dates, the possession of 'good looks'.), without regard for character or intent. She is sacred, hallowed ground, the cradle of the Universe. She is a dark and mysterious laboratory in which our primal urge to procreate is satisfied with a precision that cannot be duplicated under any other circumstances. She is tabula rasa, awaiting provisions for the creation of demi gods and goddesses. Intercourse is the delivery method for raw materials to perform this task. The quality of these supplies and the energy surrounding delivery are in direct correlation to the quality of the finished product. Additionally, they set the stage for her condition beyond childbearing years. Please, nurture her with the unconditional love and reverence she deserves, for within her walls is a (hi)story, neither good or bad, chronicling every voluntary and involuntary act of penetration, demand and delivery. Through our sexual choices, brothers and sisters, we are the authors and editors of this great tale of the nativity of mankind.