This is the season of thanksgiving. It is a time to express gratitude in its purest and most powerful sense. Gratitude comes straight from the heart. It does not measure or compare material gain, physical attributes, human suffering or self-worth. It transforms hatred into unconditional love. It plays heartstrings like a virtuoso, soothing rage, dissolving fear and melting away guilt, shame and old debris that no longer serves in a positive manner. It releases energetic bonds that shackle us to places of self-sabotage and tortuous pain. Gratitude grants us countless opportunities to make right the harsh judgements we've issued against ourselves and others. It is always available and accepting of our acknowledgement.

In Reiki, gratitude is an initiator. Every session is opened with a prayer of gratitude that takes place before the client arrives. Like a lighthouse, it shines in the darkest night and guides us to a safe harbor where wellness, balance and love await our arrival. It is in this pure spirit of gratitude that I say, "thank you." Thank you to the haters and baiters who launch attacks based on ignorance and misinformation. Thank you to my past, present and future clients, students, supporters, followers, fans and family. Thank you for allowing me to share my gifts of healing and spiritual insight. Thank you for every act of receiving that allows Reiki to flow in the name of love and healing. Thank you for every penny, nickel, dime and dollar that enables Wellness Uprising to remain in service. Thank you for your praise, referrals, prayers and well wishes. Thank you for recognizing the importance of energy in the universe, and for seeking insights that strengthen connections between us and Spirit.  And finally, I thank God and my angels, ancestors and guides who participate in every healing session for the highest and greatest good of everyone involved.  I see you. I feel  you. I welcome your continued love and support. I am a vessel for your healing energy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving.