Reiki in the courtroom

California's approximate 37,238,114 residents file nearly 1,400,000 lawsuits annually.  We are reputed to be one of the most litigious states in the country ... or perhaps the world!  A recent report by California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) found that the fiscally ailing Los Angeles Unified School District spent almost $45,000,000 in litigation costs over the last three years. While Californians argue cases that are often frivolous and without merit, anger, frustration, stress and wasted taxpayer dollars continue to take their toll on our financial, mental and physical health.  With such staggering numbers, it stands to reason that if you live in California long enough, you will be sued.  It happened to me.

Being dragged to the courthouse on unfounded charges is frustrating and stressful. Never having been sued, I didn't know if I would be blessed with a reasonably fair judge who would look at the legal issue being presented, or someone who would react irrationally like the individuals who filed the suit.  While I am grateful for every life experience and the education it provides, this one was a doozy. Two trips to downtown Los Angeles (the first date was postponed), $30 for parking, wasted time, opportunity cost and the knowledge that lost tax dollars and time were unrecoverable. This was a time for Reiki and a keen focus on positive outcomes in the highest and best interest of everyone involved.

  • On the morning of my hearing and with an open and clear heart, I prayed/meditated asking that the day unfold for the greatest good of everyone involved, including the plaintiffs in my case.
  • I recited 108 repetitions of a Tara chant which frees us from 'everyday' dangers and from a narrow conception of the spiritual path, while leading us to a place of compassion.  (Click here for that chant and its meaning.)
  • I drew Cho Ku Rei in my doorway for protection from harm and spiritual guidance upon my exit from home.
  • Before speaking, I drew Sei Hei Ki in front of my face, that my words would take on an energy of love and healing before reaching the listeners' ears.
  • I exhaled and released (as much as humanly possible) attachment to the outcome of the day.

I felt immediate relief, thanks to the gift of Reiki to participate in my own healing. I was guided to temper my words with love and compassion, not fear and anger.  My comments were well-received by the judge and all charges against me were dismissed.  Add one more point to the scoreboard for Reiki, it is unadulterated universal life force energy, immune to manipulation by mere humans, and available for everyone's use.