Energy Clearing for Home and Office

Energy clearing is as important as cleaning house. Nearly all lightworkers, spiritual teachers and healers know the importance of space clearing at home and in the workplace. Year after year, emotions and events leave imprints and vibrations that hinder positive energy flow. Illness, arguments, gossip, negative thoughts, violence and death all create stagnation and energy blocks in an environment. It is especially important to perform energy clearing before moving into a new residence, when starting a new job, after ending a relationship or when starting a new project. It is also wise to clear a space when a roommate moves out, after buying used items (clothing, furniture, antiques, etc.) and after decluttering. Some indicators of blocked energy are an inability to focus on or complete tasks, feelings of depression, confusion, or unexplained sadness and fear. Exposure to this dense energy can rob you of peaceful sleep and increase stress and anxiety. Your home may be in need of energy clearing if you feel uncomfortable or if anyone in the house is chronically ill.

We are exposed to unwanted energy every day. We have no control over others' human suffering and abuse, but we are exposed to the fallout of that energy. It clings to innocents and can be unknowingly carried into your home by a house guest or a family member. Some particularly vulnerable workplaces are courthouses, jails, foster family agencies, therapists offices, foster homes, hospitals and institutions that aid under served populations. Toxic offices where employees complain, bicker or feel they are poorly treated are magnets for unwanted energy. The good news is that it's relatively easy to clear energy at home or at work.

Declutter: Getting rid of items that are not being used is an excellent way to clear energy at home and at work. Remember that anything you possess forms a tether that weighs you down and slows positive, productive energy flow. If your business is floundering, or if you have been unable to manifest the results you desire in your personal or professional life, it is likely that you are burdened by incomplete projects, abandoned ideas and a collection of "stuff" that may never be used. It is helpful to routinely clean file cabinets, empty storage boxes and clear out closets and drawers at home and at work. Release the need to hold onto things 'just in case.' This notion invites an energy of lack. Give yourself permission to honestly walk away from things you know you're never going to do. This will cut the tethers and enable you to soar higher in pursuit of more goals that resonate with your soul.

Smudge your body: To clear your aura of unwanted energy, light a sage stick, leaf or incense. Stretch your arms away from your body to create a 'curtain' of smoke. If you are Reiki-attuned, draw Cho Ku Rei on the sage stick before lighting or draw it in the smoke and before walk through the curtain. You can say words like, "Smoke of sage, surround me; purify and protect me from any and all unwanted energy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Salt spray: Charge one gallon of spring or distilled water by placing under moonlight overnight, making sure not to expose it to sunlight. Add several tablespoons of sea salt to a spray bottle and fill with the charged water. Shake the mixture. Hold the spray bottle in both hands and set an intention to use this mixture to fill your home or office with light, bright, happy, positive energy. At home, step onto your front porch and face the front door. Spray a few times toward the door. Turn to your left and spray the wall, then turn to the right and do the same. spray around the frame of the door. Walk into the house and walk counter clockwise misting towards the walls and into corners, up at the ceiling and along baseboards. Do this in every room paying special attention to closets and corners. Say something like, "Malicious energies are not welcome here. This home/office is protected with white light. Angels and ancestors bless this space and bring peace, love and protection."

Sound: Certain noises can powerfully remove stagnant and unwanted energy from a space. Put on some happy music and sing aloud. Stick to lyrics that are uplifting. If you have a small bell, walk through all the rooms and ring softly in every corner. Tingsha bells are inexpensive and easy to find. Dedicate a pair to space clearing and healing. A spiritual rattle will also break up stuck energy. There are many other ways to do energy clearing at home and at work. Clapping, crystals, holy water and scents can be very effective. Use one of these methods or research your own.

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