5 ways to unlock positive energy

"The secret of life is to fall seven times, and to get up eight times." ~ Paolo Coelho

No matter which side of the political argument you're on, the fight to be heard has been long, combative and exhausting. Weariness and despair have taken hold and, as a result, people are quick to treat others with discourtesy, disregard and outright hostility. But 2019 is finally here and it's time to reset the energy and shore up for whatever comes next. Things won't get better by themselves ... not for anyone; change requires purposeful action and a clear field of energy to eliminate overwhelm and restore balance and a sense of control. Here some things you can do to get positive energy flowing in your favor.

Tidying Up.jpg

Tidy Up! The KonMari method of finding what you want to keep (as opposed of identifying what you want to get rid of) to elimiinate clutter is based on Marie Kondo''s New York Times best seller, the life-changing magic of tidying up. Tidying Up, on Netflix, allows viewers an inside look at Kondo at work as she helps couples in California tidy up their homes to spark joy and restore balance to everyday living. Clearly an empath, Marie takes a moment to "introduce" herself to each home. She also taps books to wake them up before sorting and shelving or discarding.

Practice mindfulness. Clutter on the outside is sure sign of clutter on the inside. Are fear, anxiety and worry robbing you of your peace? Sometimes they sneak up on us before we know what's happening. There is a saying, "Everything is created twice; first in the mind and then in reality." Moodiness, sleeplessness, patterns of poor choices, feelings of overwhelm, messiness at home and/or in your workplace, holding on to trauma and old resentments, and focusing on the negative are just a few signs you need to take a mental "dump." Consider therapy. There is much to be gained by baring your soul to an impartial party. Start your search by asking people you trust for referrals, contacting your insurance company or your employer's EAP representative. If therapy does not resonate with you, think about adopting a mindfulness practice like yoga, Tai Chi or meditation. Yoga Bliss near Westchester/LAX offers a variety of classes and levels. Katrina Long is founder of Manifesting M.E. Mental and Emotional Wellness. She is also a WU Reiki grad, MSW, and CYT who has crafted an extraordinary practice called Aroma Flow. This gentle, trauma-informed yoga class is for all yoga levels and all levels of mental and emotional wellness. Classes take place on Thursdays at 8:30 PM and focus on connecting to the breath to relieve physical and mental stress. See details at https://www.crenshawyogaanddance.org/.

Go inward with Reiki. Wellness Uprising offers one-on-one Reiki sessions as well as a free Reiki meditation group where participants use subtle energy to clear and balance the seven major chakras under the guidance of Lauryl Osborne, a WU Reiki grad and life coach. Participants have reported a greater sense of calm and improved overall sense of well-being.

Stop re-traumatizing yourself. Surviving R Kelly, Government shutdown, LAUSD teachers' strike --- bad news is everywhere! Do you find yourself glued to the TV or radio or Internet to immerse yourself in the blow-by-blow drama of bad news? Take some chill time. Producer, director and author, Yetta Young, has added Chief Curator to her many credits. Young is the creator of Incense, Love and Meditation, a premium incense curated as a therapeutic ritual for creatives, healers, and those seeking to vibrate higher. It supports self-reflection and healing. Fire on up and be inspired and empowered to step away from the TV, turn off broadcast radio, and do something that reminds you of how good your life is. Use the time to meditate or learn something new. Listen to an informative podcast. Stream music of your choice without commercial interruptions. Reconnect with the humans in your life and play a parlor game or prepare a meal together.

Do a physical detox. Schedule a colonic at Moya Body Care, or contact Monisha to learn about their many detox programs. Drink sole water as part of your daily self-care practice. Make sure you select an internal cleansing program that suits your lifestyle.