There's a Color for That!


Everything is energy. Energy is everything. All that we see, think, feel, say, touch, experience has a vibration ... a frequency ... that affects our physical and mental state. Like essential oils, colors can be used to alter how we receive, process and release Universal energy. In fashion, the color black denotes power and strength. Blue evokes a sense of calm, like tranquil ocean waters. Purple denotes luxury and nobility. In the world of energy, each chakra is associated with a color that governs a specific set of emotions. Prayer, rituals and spell work use colored candles to amplify specific energies for healing, manifesting, and shifting energy. While there are some general color correspondences, don't be afraid to select colors based on how they make YOU feel. As a starting point, here is a partial list of colors and their meanings when working with candles.

  • Black: grounding, absorbs negativity, stops gossip and lies, reverses curses

  • Blue: calming, shifting energy surrounding fidelity and loyalty, clarity, psychic awareness

  • Brown: grounding, nurturing, earth magick (plants, animals, elements), stability, common sense, finding lost items

  • Green: fertility, money, prosperity, growth, new beginnings, success

  • Lavender: counteracts depression, calming, intuition, healing, consecration

  • Orange: good luck, energy, good fortune, energy, stamina, victory in legal matters

  • Purple: insight, divination, clairvoyance, spiritual awareness

  • Pink: love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony

  • Red: speeds results, ambition, power, passion, vitality

  • White: cleansing, healing, peaceful, all purpose (use as a substitute for any other color in spell and energy work)