Just do it!

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The vibration of "Just do it" isn't solely for athletes and Nike. There is something in the air urging us to get off our butts and just do it! Whether your "it" is ending a toxic relationship, losing weight, getting healthy, living mindfully, starting a business, buying a home, starting or finishing school, changing careers, or having a baby, it seems there is no time, tolerance, support or space for languishing in the comfort zone. In fact, the comfort zone is out of service. The message is clear ----we are in a season of doing. It is in this spirit that Wellness Uprising continues to create activities, services and workshops to help you level up.

In July and August, healing sessions with our clients were filled with deep emotions and release in the form of tears. Post-session conversations revealed longstanding relationships that aren't working anymore, regrets, fears, and imbalanced and unsustainable lifestyles brought on by unhealthy life choices. Self-love and self-care are at a low as we struggle to navigate this energy of evolution and heightened awareness. We asked Spirit how Wellness Uprising can support and help others heal within our purpose and we were guided to expand our offering of supportive therapies and services.

We are committed to creating and holding a sacred space for self-healing. We understand the need for intervention. This is the impetus behind the Reiki Summer Series (ending 9/19), the weekly guided Reiki Meditation Group (ongoing), and the unexpected addition of an autumn Reiki Certification Class (10/6-10/7). Our goal is to sprinkle opportunities for you to learn, grow, heal and ascend throughout each month. We are more than happy to hold the space, but it is up to you to step in and just do it! You are your own holy physician.We have built it. Our doors are open. Come get your healing.


  • Tuesdays September 4, 11, 18 and 25 - Free Guided Reiki Meditation Group: Generously funded by a local clinic, this weekly 30-minute gathering is an opportunity to become familiar with the power of your own reiki for stress release, deep relaxation, peace of mind and clarity. We respect and honor your time, so these sessions begin promptly at 7:00 PM and end at 7:30. Space is limited so RSVP via phone call or text to Lauryl, (323) 454-1124.
  • Friday, September 21 Reiki Share: Cleansing and healing Reiki share in honor of the fall equinox. Start the season with clear chakras and a sparkling aura.


  • If you're not one for groups, schedule a private Reiki or Chakra Balancing or Physio Spiritual Aromatherapy session.
  • With the help of our spirit guides, we've created a Reiki session for Reiki Practitioners. This service is specially designed to reinforce connection with the Reiki symbols, fortify the use of Reiki for the achievement of your goals, and to release unwanted energy.
  • Healer's Heaven addresses mental, emotional and physical fatigue experienced by healers and practitioners of various modalities. Whether you're a clinician, community activist, energy healer, law enforcement officer, politician, parent, teacher or minister, you will benefit from this renewing and restorative service.


  • Become a Reiki Master: We are accepting new students in the Reiki Master Self-Paced Home Study program. No prerequisites. This course covers Reiki I, II and Master/Teacher level. Work at your own pace.
  • Sunday, September 30 Ear Candling Class: Please join our healing partner, Moya Body Care Wellness Institute, for an exciting day of learning, practical hands-on activity, & fun. This half-day workshop will provide step-by-step instructions for using ear cone-candling effectively. Each participant will have the opportunity to have their ears candled, and will do the procedure to another during the workshop (2 candles are provided per person). Extra ear cone candles will be available the day of the workshop for a special price for participants. A Certificate for workshop participation is also included. Call for details: (562) 682-0818.
  • October 6-7 Reiki I and II Certification Class: Enroll in our last Reiki certification class of the year. Call or text Rhonda at (323) 454-1124 to inquire about our client discount.
  • Friday, October 19 Introduction to Pendulums: A fun, interactive workshop to become familiar with subtle energy and the use of pendulums for insightful living.