Stages of Healing With Essential Oils

Like everything in nature, essential oils are intuitive. Used properly, they guide the whole body through a five-step healing process. Each step lays a foundation for the next level of healing.

  1. Essential oils heal on a physical level. Some are 40-60 times more potent than herbs. They possess a combination of properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc. They help the body ward off harmful micro-organisms, often relieving pain and discomfort in the process.

  2. Once the body is relieved of physical symptoms, it can shift focus to healing on an emotional level. As the physical body heals, the vibration increases. when this occurs, frequency gets higher and higher and it becomes more difficult for low-vibrating energy like grief, anger, fear and low self-esteem to remain. During this stage, unwanted energy moves to the surface and cycles out to the universe where it is purified and re-purposed for positive use.

  3. Essential oils promote emotional healing by getting to the root ails us. Once the cause of an issue is revealed at its root, we are able to release false beliefs that have held us hostage. This is the third, and probably most difficult, stage of healing with essential oils. Releasing limiting beliefs is how we clear away stagnant, unwanted energy to make room for positive energy flow.

  4. When space is cleared for positive energy to flow freely, we open to receive messages from higher consciousness/spirit/the universe. We begin to get very clear about what is best and right for our own personal journey in this life. This increased spiritual connection also acts a preventive --- turning us away from destructive and unloving choices.

  5. When we communicate openly, clearly and consistently with spirit, our life's purpose becomes evident. Answers to the big questions are revealed and we develop the time, energy and skills to step into the spotlight that shines just for us.

If you'd like to experience the power of healing with essential oils, come to Wellness Uprising for an aromatherapy session. Our practitioners will create and hold a sacred space for your highest and most complete healing.