Chakra balancing bath ritual for Reiki practitioners

Reiki-empowered Himalayan Pink Salt

Reiki-empowered Himalayan Pink Salt

Reiki self-treatments are the coolest gifts of being Reiki attuned. If you've received Reiki empowerment to level I, II or III, you have everything you need at your fingertips to call Universal life force into your being for relaxation and self-healing. Paired with rituals, Reiki can serve to strengthen connections to Source and empower you to elicit positive life change with ease and grace. One such ritual is the chakra balancing bath ritual for Reiki practitioners.

Reiki is 100% intuitive; it knows where to go and what to do for your greatest healing benefit. Additionally, balanced  and clear chakras are a natural by-product of Reiki. When we enhance Reiki with healing intentions and elements to support positive outcomes, something as mundane as a bath becomes a sacred act of revolutionary self-care.

Use this chakra balancing bath ritual any time to clear chakras, brighten the aura, and relax mind and body.

Items needed

  • 4 cups of Himalayan pink salt (detoxifying) or Epsom salt (clears the aura and releases unwanted energy)
  • 16 ozs. Drinking water
  • Chakra Balancing essential oils
  • Votive candle (optional)
  • Relaxing music (optional)
  • Echoing Waters oil blend (optional)
  • Glass pitcher or bowl (optional)


  • The night before, pour Himalayan or Epsom salt into a glass pitcher or bowl of water. Empower with Reiki, cover and allow to soak overnight. This is especially helpful for dissolving large salt chunks.
  • To prepare the bath, run 3-4 inches of warm bath water in tub
  • Pour dissolved or undissolved HImalayan pink or Epsom salt into bath water. 
  • Draw Cho Ku Rei over water and in palms of hands
  • Holding hands 4-6 inches above water, set an intention for this bath to clear and balance all the chakras in the body for your highest healing good. Run Reiki in the water for a few minutes. 
  • Run more water in tub, enough to be able to immerse your body up to the neck. Make it warm enough to encourage light perspiration.
  • Light candle and play soft music if preferred. (optional)
  • Add 1-2 droppers of Echoing Waters relaxing oil blend. Swish in water spread. (optional)
  • Immerse your body fully into the tub. If you are unable to fit your body up to the neck, use a soft towel to wring water over exposed body parts throughout the bath.
  • Soak for at least 20 minutes. Periodically, take sips of the drinking water to stay hydrated.
  • After soaking, step out of tub and drain water. Give thanks for the healing that has occurred.
  • Do not use a drying towel --- allow your body to air dry
  • You will be deeply relaxed and may feel weak. This is Normal.
  • Option: End this ritual powerfully by doing a Reiki self-treatment while listening to Heartbeat or Strengthening Your Reiki Connection MP3 and waiting for your body to air dry. These meditations work best when heard through headphones or earplugs. You may have received them from me as part of your Reiki II certification class.

WARNING: Salt (brine) baths place high demands on the circulatory system. Consult with your doctor before performing this ritual if you have weak or poor heart circulation.


Sephoroton Pendulums for dowsing and divining

Sephoroton Pendulums for dowsing and divining

I LOVE PENDULUMS! Handmade, homemade, wood, metal, glass, plastic, crystal --- cones, drops, points, faceted, Foucault, spirals and wands. I recall the first time pendulums entered my consciousness. I grew up in south Los Angeles and went to Horace Mann Jr. High. It was 1974 and there was a record shop near the corner of Western and Florence called Trippin'. I used to save my allowance to buy LP's once a month. One day, I walked in the door and there were pendulums hanging in a display on the counter. I was captivated by the beautiful colors and gentle swing. Perhaps they stirred memories of my early encounters with subtle energy.

In the 1960's, my family would pack into a Ford Fairlane and drive to Louisiana to visit Mom's family. My grandfather stood 6' 7" and was a man of African American and Native American descent. He was a bible-thumping, backwoods Baptist minister, farmer and energy worker. I don't believe I ever saw him smile. He died when I was very young but I remember two things about him.  1) he would send my sister and me up the red clay dirt road several times a day to purchase one cigarette at a time, and 2) he used a handmade pendulum of ginger root and a tattered piece of rope. He called her Queenie and used her to flush out truths about what us young 'uns were up to in his absence. Holding Queenie over each of our heads he'd bark, "Queenie, who broke that plate?" She was a soulless tattler and accurate every time!

I didn't make an immediate connection to Queenie when I first saw pendulums hanging from a display on the counter in a south Los Angeles record shop called Trippin'. It was 1973 or 1974. I used to save my .50 cents weekly allowance to buy LP's. One day I entered the store and there they were, brightly colored and swinging gently back and forth. I was deeply moved by their rhythmic sway. That's when I began my collection. I didn't know what they were or how to use them; I only knew I felt a connection.

In the 2000's, I became an energy worker and my relationship with pendulums deepened as I learned to dowse for healing and simple answers. Like Grandpa's Queenie, I find them to be accurate. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this very simple yet powerful method of accessing information from the higher mind.

Anyone can use a pendulum. No special gifts or abilities are required. It is a skill that develops with practice, but there are a few rules. A pendulum will respond to any yes/no, either/or multiple choice question. The key is to be clear in the way a question is phrased. Do not attempt to predict the future and refrain from asking frivolous questions or query what you already consciously know. It is perfectly acceptable to ask about love, wisdom, your journey, the timing of important events, authenticity, or life choices. 

Depending on the nature of your questions and if time permits you can create a ritual around dowsing. Light a candle, say a prayer, call on your angels and guides and take notes. Sometimes a quick answer is needed (like finding your lost keys). Either way, with a few solid ground rules and a little guidance, you may grow to love pendulums, too!

Visit out Events page for details about upcoming pendulum workshops.

Stages of Healing With Essential Oils

Like everything in nature, essential oils are intuitive. Used properly, they guide the whole body through a five-step healing process. Each step lays a foundation for the next level of healing.

  1. Essential oils heal on a physical level. Some are 40-60 times more potent than herbs. They possess a combination of properties that are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, etc. They help the body ward off harmful micro-organisms, often relieving pain and discomfort in the process.

  2. Once the body is relieved of physical symptoms, it can shift focus to healing on an emotional level. As the physical body heals, the vibration increases. when this occurs, frequency gets higher and higher and it becomes more difficult for low-vibrating energy like grief, anger, fear and low self-esteem to remain. During this stage, unwanted energy moves to the surface and cycles out to the universe where it is purified and re-purposed for positive use.

  3. Essential oils promote emotional healing by getting to the root ails us. Once the cause of an issue is revealed at its root, we are able to release false beliefs that have held us hostage. This is the third, and probably most difficult, stage of healing with essential oils. Releasing limiting beliefs is how we clear away stagnant, unwanted energy to make room for positive energy flow.

  4. When space is cleared for positive energy to flow freely, we open to receive messages from higher consciousness/spirit/the universe. We begin to get very clear about what is best and right for our own personal journey in this life. This increased spiritual connection also acts a preventive --- turning us away from destructive and unloving choices.

  5. When we communicate openly, clearly and consistently with spirit, our life's purpose becomes evident. Answers to the big questions are revealed and we develop the time, energy and skills to step into the spotlight that shines just for us.

If you'd like to experience the power of healing with essential oils, come to Wellness Uprising for an aromatherapy session. Our practitioners will create and hold a sacred space for your highest and most complete healing.