Ego vs. intuition

Intuition and the ego are in a constant battle for our attention and energy. Intuitive actions and choices are in alignment with the flow of Universal energy. The path to what is meant for us seems to appear under our feet with each step, leading exactly where we want to go. The journey is supported by the limitless wisdom and provisions of Source/Yahweh/God/Elohim/Jehovah/_________. It leads to a place of peace, comfort and total fulfillment. Egocentric actions and choices may yield some short-term benefits, but the path is a manifestation of our own flawed thinking. It is labored, complicated and usually leaves us wanting when we reach the end. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle by recognizing the language of intuition: (1) Intuition speaks in 100% complete ideas and thoughts; (2) Intuition appears as a flash of the obvious -- an Aha Moment. You'll wonder why you didn't have the idea sooner; (3) Intuitive instruction is mentally and physically inspiring, exhilarating, exciting and energizing.