Love your parents as they are

Jewel Diamond Taylor always says, "Keep the main thang, the main thang." Parents are all-powerful, all-knowing super beings, keeping children out of harm's way. As time passes, we struggle to accept their human flaws and imminent mortality. This awakening can cause temporary amnesia about the past good they've done to get us where we are today. If you are blessed with an opportunity to protect and serve the interests of those through whom you chose to enter this realm and learn what you must in this lifetime, do so safely and healthfully whenever possible. We are not here to judge and punish; we are here to experience and learn and grow into God's greatest vision. Be a grown up! Stop sweating the small stuff. Love your parents, NO MATTER WHAT. Thank them for the pleasure and pain, love and fear that has facilitated your maturation. Release the past and keep the main thang, the main thang ... and the main thang is always love.