Getting unstuck

Often, being stuck in life is a symptom of stuck energy. Perhaps there is emotional trauma from this lifetime that needs to be dealt with. There may also be energetic blocks from past lifetimes or that have been passed from generation-to-generation in your family. Many have no knowledge about details of the day-to-day events in our ancestors' lives. This is why energy work is so important. Food and substance addiction, chronic illness, mental illness, confusion or numerous unexplainable health problems are all signs of energetic attachments and blocks. In addition to any medical guidance you may receive, meditate, pray and ask Spirit to release anything, known and unknown, that is not serving your highest good. Align yourself with this request by avoiding toxic substances, people and situations to the greatest degree possible --- letting the universe know that you are serious about getting and staying clean. Take a Reiki I class to learn how to self-heal using universal life force, or seek a qualified Practitioner for periodic Reiki and chakra work to ensure proper maintenance. A healthy energy body is as important as a healthy physical body and mind. In fact, it is impossible to have a healthy physical body and mind without a healthy energy body. The answer to your whole body health is in your hands.