Field of energy

Everyone has access to and is part of the same Field of Energy, which can be used to create or destroy; to heal or harm; in acts of love or fear.

Do this exercise to experience your connection to Source:

Rub your palms together for 20 seconds. Stop and hold them, facing each other, 8-10 inches apart. Slowly move them toward one another. At some point, you will feel energy, like an invisible rubber ball or like magnets between your hands. If you move your hands away from each other and back toward each other again, this ball of energy expands. This is the Ki, Chi, Prana, Life Force, reiki that connects us to the universal Field of Energy.

This energy is a shared source, connecting everything -- living and inanimate -- which is impacted by everything we do, think, say or feel. Everything we think, say and feel about others is attracted to our personal Field of Energy. In other words, as soon as we say it or think it or do it to someone else, we create it for ourselves. If hatred, judgments, jealousy, envy, prejudice, fear or pettiness lives in the mind and/or heart, it becomes our contribution to the universal Field of Energy, where everyone is creating something every moment of every day, with their true intentions. When it's all said and done, we're all drinking from the same water trough. Whatever we put out there is what we create for ourselves.

Think about yesterday ... what did you contribute to the universal Field of Energy? How do you feel about it? What will you create with your beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, feelings, breath of life today and every day?