How to help

The greatest help you can be to others is to stabilize your own resources to the best of your ability. Make sure you and yours have a clean, safe place to lay at night, peace of mind, enough food to eat, heat, electricity, hot water and phone service in addition to necessary education and the best head start in life you can provide your young ones. When you do this, you lift the burden of worry from the shoulders of those who would support you in times of need, thus leaving them to focus on securing their own well being and ensuring they are in a position to help you when needed ... and believe me, you WILL need it ... we all do. Also, be discerning of to whom you offer assistance and how you decide to help others. Are you in a position to help someone else or are you inviting chaos and lack into your own world? Sometimes we get so caught up in helping someone that we don't see ourselves being pulled into their drama. Lastly, consider this: perhaps the person you perceive to be in need is in the throes of learning a vital life lesson. Be willing to stand back, offer emotional support, and bear witness to a miracle unfolding in that person's life. As my sister always says, "God loves them, too.