Reiki for home and family

Summer is here, school is out. Summer camps may be out of financial reach for many families, leaving them to their own creative devices for summer activities. Sibling bickering and household tensions tend to rise as high energy youths wait out the week for weekend recreational time with hardworking parents. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can restore peace and raise reiki (universal life force energy) in your living space to add an air of calm, by using a few inexpensive items that you may already have lying around.

Construct an altar in a common area of your home to shift vibrations and encourage an open flow of reiki energy. Have fun and involve the entire family in the preparation process. Play lively music, sing, dance and laugh. Negative energy won't want to hang around where there's so much positivity.

Once the space is clean, construct a healing altar. Include a plant to create oxygen and symbolize life, a few white votive candles (available at any thrift store), a clear glass vase or bowl, an oil burner or diffuser, or anything that resonates with you. Each person in the family can add an item to the altar that makes them feel happy or reminds them of how much they love the family Other great additions may be worry stones, gemstones and crystals.

Rhonda M. Walker, a Los Angeles Crystal Therapist, recommends rose quartz to encourage unconditional love and forgiveness of self and others, clear quartz which can be programmed with a family intention and tiger's eye for balance, grounding and abundance.

Attractively arrange your altar in a manner that feels good and is pleasing to the eye. Your heart chakra will vibrate or hum when it's right and everyone in the house will feel the positive energy right away. Fill the clear vase or bowl 2/3 full with tap water, giving thanks to the water for its gifts and assistance. This water will attract negative energy in the room so you can discard it later. Light the white votives with an intent to heal and uplift everyone in the house. Before lighting each votive, add a few drops of essential oils that encourage family love and harmony.

  • Cumin: Strengthens the bond between husband and wife.
  • Gardenia: Strengthens the bonds between family members.
  • Geranium: Helps workaholics know when to relax and welcome joy into their lives.
  • Lily of the Valley: Encourages people to help others without any thought of reward.

Maintain your altar by changing water in the vase at least weekly. Give thanks for affirmed cleansing as you pour the water down the drain. Give thanks again as you refill. Always start each burning with a fresh votive that has never been used. As you discard the empty tins, give thanks for the healing provided. Family healing and a more harmonized living space will become apparent as time passes.

Essential oil suggestions from Psychic Protection for Beginners: Creating a Safe Haven for Home and Family, by Richard Webster.