Each day, humans make thousands of moment-by-moment choices that, when strung together, make up minutes, hours, days, months, years and decades, leading to a lifetime. Each choice is driven by internal and external stimuli --- messages that signal when a need must be met; what can be ignored and what must be acted upon right now. From the simplest act of scratching an itch, to such daunting decisions as whether or not to have open heart surgery, it all begins with a tiny signal. It is a popular belief that life choices are solely a brain activity. At Wellness Uprising, we believe that the mind, body and spirit are inextricably connected. Healthy and balanced life choices involve a whole-body, six senses process.

When we are balanced in mind, body and spirit, we are able to receive, process, sort, interpret and respond to stimuli and signals in ways that are in our best interest. The more out of balance we are, the more difficult it becomes to make life affirming choices that support personal peace, success, happiness, good health and, consequently, a satisfying and productive life. For most, these choices do not come easy. They are skewed by illusions of time limitations, a lack of self-trust, self-care and self-nurturing, misconceptions of what it means to be selfish, and a warped image of self-worth. The decision to invest in oneself does not happen automatically; it occurs on purpose and requires decisive and deliberate action. At Wellness Uprising we refer to this course of action as "Revolutionary Self-care." Our services are designed to guide individuals to a lifestyle in which they give to, nurture and support themselves before they attempt to nurture, support or care for others.

We are a wellness studio located in the Westchester/LAX neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Using Reiki, chakra balancing, essential oil therapies, workshops and Tarot energy readings, we provide tools for enlightenment and Divine reconnection. During your visit, the noise of day-to-day life is muted so you can relax and restore balance to mind, body and spirit. Our practitioners hold a safe and sacred space for you to completely surrender and engage in revolutionary self-care. It is a "judgement-free zone." Energy pathways are cleared so you can tap into your internal GPS for guidance to the life choices that are best for you. You will emerge refreshed, thinking clearly, and with a deeper understanding of what must be done for your own happiness and well being. Only you can do this work. Our practitioners serve as guides and facilitators.

Use the "Services" tab to learn how each of our specially designed therapies can help you restore balance, gain clarity and achieve greater levels of well being. If you need help choosing which service will best meet your needs, refer to Services > How to Select a Service. Enjoy our Web site or call (323) 454-1124 with questions.